Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The School Room...

a.k.a.  the dining room...
as  much as i desire our own school room, it's not going to happen while we live here.
we have 1500 sq. ft.
4  kids.
and we homeschool.
that means we have no choice but to cram and pile.
shut your eyes now if your idea of decorating means clean lines and no clutter.
i'm all about the clutter.
  curriculum cupboard{these are 2 separate pieces.  the bottom is a new piece from fred meyers.  the top is the old kitchen cupboard out of my husband's family cabin.  my father in law was kind enough to offer it to me and i love it!}:
inside the cupboard.  everything grouped by subject:
the bottom half holds the kids current curriculum.  each one has a set of drawers labeled with the subjects...
the 3 drawers are 'teacher' only drawers. {i heart office supplies}
next to the curriculum cupboard is the art shelf {the ones with my globes}.
this was a garage sale find from to elderly ladies, it holds the crayons, rulers, pencils, drawing paper, flash cards, etc.
and then there are these new lockers my aunt robyn {a.k.a. best junker ever} found for me! i'd been looking for.ever.  yay!  thank you auntie rara!

the piece next to the lockers was my one and only ever craigslist find.  we can't tell if it's genuinely old, but i believe it is based on the dovetailed joints.  either way, it's probably one of my favorite furniture buys ever.:
all the little apothecary-like drawers hold randoms:
and the baskets below hold fun learning items like pattern blocks and math multiples:
and keepin' it real...that second shelf's stack is my 'to file' school work. ha!: 
on the other side of the window, we have the kid's plants they bring home from the library's master gardener program:
next to it is a hutch i painted that was my moms.
at one time it was ugly honey colored oak. and apparently i was drunk when  this was taken?
it houses my hubby's stuff and extra art supplies, the junk drawer, etc.
and next to that, my corner.  under the flour sack is a scrapbook organizer.  the basket has my purse, store take backs, my 1,000 gifts smash book, my camera, etc.  my homemaker's binder and other current books get piled here too.
in the other corner is my scrapbook station.  this whole armoire is scrapbook supplies. {um, guess is should have put the broom and vacuum away}
  the big wall contains our cork board and white board, etc.
i'm awesome at keeping up with paper work as you can plainly see. ;)
the coolest part about this wall though {no. not my organizing skills}...
my vintage pull down school map!
i love this, but we leave it rolled up most of the time to prevent further damage and access the other boards.
this was a garage sale score for $20!
and from there, it's our kitchen:
as much as i would love a school room, i am thankful to have a large dining area and this fun space.
but during the winter months, most of the actual school work gets done in the living room hovered around the wood stove!
thanks for touring!
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Jamie said...

i love it we r in the process of moving the schoolroom into the kitchen. u have a great eye for the garage sale finds:)

thetwistedruffle said...

i'm in love with the lockers, the blue mason jars, the globes and those ruffled basket liners....we could have so much fun together junkin'!

it looks super cozy, but i know what you mean about being around the wood stove. we just ran out of oil (after only 1 month) and i'd rather freeze than fork out another $300 for more!!!

Unknown said...

we started doing school in the dining room last year. i love it. i actually prefer it to a "room". the hard part is organizing all the STUFF! there is a lot that comes with homeschooling.
i love your space. it's got a ton of vintage, which i LOVE! great job, mama!

Del Snedra said...

When we moved into our present house I was so excited to have a school room with space galore! We totally remodeled it and filled the walls with books on shelves. But we rarely ever did school in there! We have much preferred the living room where it was warmer around the woodstove and comfier on the couches. We often lost writing instruments under the cushions--once I retrieved 50 or so :). I used the end tables, coffee tables, and plastics bins for storage and made it work. Yay homeschooling!

Renée @ NextGen Homeschool said...

Thanks for posting this at NextGen Homeschool's "What's Working Wednesday" link-up last week — you are one of our featured posts this week! Thank you for inspiring those of us making the most of what space we have in our homes to homeschool. I am a dining room homeschooler too!
Renée at NextGen Homeschool

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