Wednesday, November 18, 2009

1.   I ran away last night. yep, for a whole 45 minutes I ran to Fred Meyers all by myself.  I never do anything by myself, but last night I was going to loose it if I didn't get out...and we needed bread so I had an excuse.  It's sad that 45 minutes walking around the grocery store all by myself is so theraputic but it worked and I came home refreshed!

2. Monkey #1 says last night " I don't want to go to school tomorrow"
me: "sorry, you don't have a choice"
Monkey 1:  "yeah...unless I want to be a hobo"

he cracks me up

3.I think the Smuckers andes choc mint hot fudge is some of the best stuff ever.

4.Went Christmas shopping on Monday with my sister and got a good start on gifts.  I could live in Target. Love that store.

5.Monkey #1 says that Sun. @ Mimi's house was his best day ever!  Running around wiith his cousins in the woods shooting bebe guns and exploring like young boys should.  I am glad he has that memory...

God Bless, Mandy

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