Thursday, February 17, 2011

just sayin'...

that if you ever say things like  " where is my big pan?  oh, in the boy's bed, okay"
or " get the dinosaur out of the bathroom sink please"
and other randomness...

if you have things like urine and communion cups simultaneously in you purse...

if you frequently wash rocks, acorns, and things that are no longer distinguishable...

you heistate when writing your name or birthdate on a form because it takes you a minute to think that through (yes, seriously)...

if you have a car rats could survive in for a year...

if you throw a bra on and do your make-up 10 minutes before your hubby gets home at the end of the day...

and if you can't remember why you just walked in to the bathroom (even if it was to pee) and walk back out...

we would make great friends.
the end.

God Bless,

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

a whole lota random...

if you haven't noticed, there is no new menu up in the side bar for the week.
we've been sick and i haven't made it to the store.

but i did manage to make homemade chicken soup for the sickies
(this includes me)
and boy does homemade stock make the soup!

i call this:
therapy in a jar.

notice i didn't wipe off the smears?

cause that's how i do things around here.

i am super excited to get this book in the mail soon:
and am trying to reign myself in with the idea of having a garden this year!
we had one in the past, but it was my hubby's project.
i was busy being pregnant.
this time i'm in charge and i'm so excited!
also thrilled with all the new floral prints in fashion .
feminine.  love.
so tell me,
what have you been excited about?

God Bless,

Monday, February 14, 2011

Why I Hate V-Day...

I tried folks.
Look at the last post.
but seriously.

I just ran to safeway at 4 pm. 
um, 60 guys ,ages15-83 , rushing around like a bunch of morons
and spending $65.00 on an ugly floral arrangement they could get for 10 bucks any other day.
They are there, at the last minute, attempting to buy something for someone because someone else made them feel like they should.
That's romance people.
  Now yes, I'm a romantic at heart.
I love it like all girly girls do.
but i am not a fan of hearts.
tacky little things that remind me of being 7 years old coloring a Lisa Frank sticker.
they're tacky, 'nough said.
also red.
now we're getting picky here.
Neither Jerad or I are fans of the color red.
he's more passionate about despising it than i am,
but we both kinda sorta hate it.

you'll rarely catch glimpses of red around our home or on  me.
so put together cheesy hearts,
the color red,
guys who feel like their male parts may be rearranged if they don't do something nice,
or only remember to do it a couple times a year  and generally some other tackiness thrown in,
and you get some negative vibes at the V-day Crap.


i made my hubby an album of his hunting photos.
he got me a bouquet of white pickets in the yard.
2 days ago.
not today no sir.
of course i do something very little for the kiddos.
just a little.

they each got a special card about why we love them, a candy heart box, and a jar to pick from throughout the day, and pancakes (a treat on a school day)

because the year my friend got her kids scooters as a v-day gift i almost puked.
like we need another reason to go broke buying our kids more junk they don't need.

so that is why.
i hate V-Day.
I love romance.
real romance.
that's when your husband reaches for your hand unexpectedly,
picks you up your favorite flowers on a random saturday afternoon,
does something special, that only he  would know to do for you.
that's romance.

you can keep the red roses and russell stover hearts.

i'll keep my white pickets.

God Bless,

and a p.s. for my mom in law that includes t.m.i :
we don't need a special valentines night... trust me ;)

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