Saturday, April 17, 2010

Where are the people?

This kid...
the one right here?

He's always said the darn cutest things.

@ 2 he says:"Do i got batteries that make me work?"

@ 3 : we had contact paper in our kitchen cabinets with geese on it.  He pulls it and realizes  it sticks and says (in an epiphany type voice)""OH! So this is duck tape!"

@ 4:  " I finally figured out pork chops!"

@5: "Why do they call an alarm clock going off if it actually is going on?"

@ 6:  "I really want a bikini"  uh...
aka- zuchini

@7: " pink camo is not camo because it doesn't camoflauge a darn thing"

TODAY @ 8:

"here is the church, here is the steeple,
open it up...
 (realizes he did it wrong and his fingers aren't where they should be)...

Oh, it must be Friday!"  :)

God Bless,

momism:  if you have ever been so tired that brushing teeth or peeing before bed when you have to go is optional, you are a mother:)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Busy Busy Busy....

Birthdays, Easter, Baseball oh my!
Lots of things going on here lately,
grass is finally growing in,
jasmine are planted,
tulips are blooming,
monkey1 began baseball ( and trying desperatly to catch up to the boys who already know the game-can you say anxious mama?)
,another Dr. apt. for monkey2 because her glasses don't seem to be helping her vision issues:(,
blood tests and x-rays back on monkey 3 with no answers:(,
                                              monkey 4?  WEANED!!!!! woo-hoo!!
Honey will begin work on the storageshed next weekend!!!Woo-hoo again!
as for me?...
I got nothin'.
cleaning, wiping, cooking, reading the 6th book in Outlander series -if you are a big reader and haven't picked up Outlander yet just do it!  It's fabulous .  but fair warning each book is between 950-1400 pages.  and there are 7 books so far.
eta:  I should have put a parental discretion notice on this book reccomendation.  I  am usually oh so morally conscience of the books I read, but in all honesty this book has a lot of content that  It has violence , language, 'romance'...(I won't type the s@# word) , and yucky situations that are pretty horrible and haunting.
With all that said, it is still an amazing work . And I have no problems claiming it to be a favorite.
this does not mean i recommend it...proceed with caution! And remember, this is coming from an all out goody-goody!

before I go I'll share a few shots of a day out @ the Ranch (mimi's house!)

rubber boots
alligator lizards-ewww!
decorating an apple with a feather...

cashikins(what i call him) is always with us

so cute

shooting with dad...
and best capture of the day is...

when he realized he hit the target!
pure joy:)

God Bless,
momism:  if you have ever used your purse to catch vomit in an emergency, you are a mother :)! 
(thanks to Shelly for that one!)

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