Thursday, June 28, 2012

happenings here lately...

we had a little monkey turn 6 a couple weeks ago...

{we call him sloppy joe.  it's fairly typical for him to end meals looking like this.}
i'll do potraits once i get my act together and get his hair cut!

monkey bars were made.
my husband thought of making some and quickly got to work using our old decking materials.  not the prettiest set ever, but the kids are having fun.

{my camera needs to go to the doctor, not sure why the images are blurred}

trying to keep them busy,
here was an idea i had gotten from pinterest,
a dollar store shower curtain liner and some sharpies-{i am not responsible for your walls, children's faces or white slipcovers should you do this activity with your kids!}

a fun little project.  they spent a good couple hours driving hotwheels through their city:)


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