Book List 2015

Folks, This Ain't Normal, Joel Salatin. *****  awesome.  Don't ask why I read a book on farming.  I just love this guy and his common sense.

 Own Your Life, Sally Clarkson ***** anything by the Clarksons are must reads for me.  They refresh, encourage and honor the Lord in their ministry.

Food Babe,  Hart, *** it was good.  I appreciate what she is trying to do, but it fell short for me and had too many things I didn't agree with.

Reaping the Harvest, Waring.  ****One of my favorite homeschool authors writing on schooling teens.

The Nourishing Homestead, Hewitt.  excellent info and look into the lives of modern day homesteaders. ****

The Atonement Child, Rivers. *** & 1/2.  Great wisdom, tough circumstances.  Christian.

Pope Joan, Cross. **** very well written and engaging story.

True Colors, Kristen Hannah, ***& 1/2 engaging story, quick read.  I liked her book Winter Garden more I think, but still really enjoyed this one.

The Means, Brunt**  It was okay.  Political drama, could have been better.

Belles On Their Toes,Gilbreth siblings.  ****LOVED this!  It was the sequel to Cheaper By The Dozen {which is NOT like the movie!}  takes place in the 1920s.  AT this point, dad and a sibling have passed away and mom is responsible for work and the kids!  Quite a remarkable true story, full of cute anecdotes and funny stories, written by 2 of the children.

The Husband's Secret, Moriarty **** and 1/2.  EXCELLENT story.  Kept me involved and anticipating what would happen next.  Written beautifully and engaging.

The Vintage Teacup Club.    HOW could a book sound more 'me'? ! LOVED this sweet little story about 3 women who develop a special friendship while junking for antique tea cups.

  The Rose Garden,  by one of my favorite authors, Susanna Kearsley.  ALways a good story.

The Scent Of Water,  Goudge.  very sweet story, but certainly no page turner. ***

Four,  Roth. Kind of an 'extra' book that goes with the Divergent series.  Told from Tobias' perspective, some overlapping with Tri's story, some pre-Tris. I LOVE these books.  Lots of fun. *****

The Paris Wife, Mclain.  Ugh. A somewhat fictional {but based on letters, etc.} of Ernest Hemingway's first wife Hadley. This story was very depressing. It dawned on me that I have never liked American authors from this time period of Hemingway!  They are all so solemn!  Still, very interesting and well written ***

The Shadowy Horses,  Kearsley. **** I love anything  by Kearsley.

Princess Bride, Goldman.  HILARIOUS!!!!!  SO glad I read it as I wasn't thrilled about it.  *****  satire at it's finest.

The Labyrinth, Mosse.  *** while I loved the story itself, the book was choppy, boring at times and desperately needed a better editor.

The Eyre Affair, ***. good, weird.  This author either has one of the greatest imaginations ever or was on some lsd...

More Than You Know, Gutcheon**** very well written, interesting story.

Looking For Me, Hoffman **** 1/2.  loved.

She, Haggard.  meh ** It was okay. Supposedly a classic must read, but i hadn't heard of it.  Well written, strange, SHOULD have been exciting but fell short.

Harry Potter,  Rowling.  I normally don't include books i read loud to my kids here, but since this one was for me too I am.  ****  Very fun.  Cute story.  I am not enamoured like most people I know, but it was enjoyable.

The Overton Window, Glenn Beck **** great book, terrifyingly possible.

The Eye Of Moloch, Beck. sequel to Overton Window.  Just as good. ****

Agenda 21,   Beck.  ****  more of a dystopian one than the other 2.  Again, good, scary.  Comparable to The Giver.

1984, Orwell.  ****  not the best, gripping story, but in light of what it represents, totally fascinating.

The Penwyth Curse,  Coulter.  LESS than 1*.  Totally stupid chick lit from a really bad writer.

Midnight On Julia Street,Ware. ** chicklit that lacks any real depth, but an okay light read.

And Then There Were None, Agatha Christie.  *** & 1/2.  Very engaging and kept me guessing.  I will certainly read more of hers now.

Act Of War,  Brad Thor. ***  Fun political thriller form someone who can write well.

In Company Of The Courtesan,Dunant  *  not sure what I expected with a title like that.  SOme of the historic stuff was super interesting, the writing was good in parts and lacking in parts. Overall, just not into this kind of book.

Unbroken, Hildebrand.  *****  AMAZING book.  Took me a bit to get into, but once I got into is probably one of the best books I have ever read.  The strength and humanity and desperation, it rips though  you and take you for a rollercoaster ride. I wish I could have met this man and his comrades.

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