Saturday, October 16, 2010

100 Things About Me...

20 more:

I never set the microwave , etc. on something normal like 1:00.  I have to do it 1:03 or :58 or something off slightly from the whole #.
No idea why.

I've never had a manicure except for my wedding, and never had a pedicure, facial, hair colored, etc.
Had a massage once after an accident.
I just can't see throwing money into that, even if I had it.
Maybe I'd change my mind once I did.

My biggest pet peeve is cotton balls.
Ya I know.
But I just can't stand the way they 'sound' and feel.
My kids take it out of the medicine bottles for me.

I love clothes.
Anything feminine, dresses, floral prints, gauzy material, linen, lacy.
Also love jeans and sweaters.
And boots.
And high heels though I'm too clumsy to wear them more than once a year or so.

I had a full ride to Western Oregon University to study education.
I wanted to be a high school or jr. high English/ Lit. teacher.
I didn't go because of a guy.
I've never once regretted my choice.

I have written stories since I knew how to write.
I have all sorts of ideas swimming in my head for books.
There are times I'll catch myself just standing somewhere hearing the dialogue in my head.
Ha!  Now you think I'm crazy:)
I've started many books,
I just never actually get one completed.

I am extremely phobic of snakes.
PHOBIC I tell ya.

I love games like Catch Phrase, Clue, etc.
I despise card games.

I am a horrible singer.
I LOVE music, but I truly have no tone or rhythm.

I am waaaaay behind on pop culture.
Probably because of no TV. but I truly don't know who half the people are I hear talked about or who I see on tabloid covers at the store.
You know what??
I don't think I'm missing too much.

I craved slurpees during 2 of my pregnancies to aid with nausea.
But I never got too sick in any of them.

I would consider adopting one day, if we could afford to do it a private one.

My favorite place in the whole world is in my husband's arms.
I know that sounds cheesy, but it's oh so true.
If I've had a rough day, or even a good one, there is something about him taking me in his arms that just melts the world away and sets it all right again.

I'm an 'overprotective' parent.
I think it's our jobs to protect our kids from the yuckiness in the world.
It'll be at their feet soon enough.
They aren't allowed to go to sleepovers, or watch any movies that are above PG (I've actually thrown away 2 PG ones we bought lately), or get on the Internet anywhere other than home.
When they ask why I now just say "because I'm mean."
But really they know why.
And I think they even appreciate it in the back of their little heads.

I'm awfully impatient.
If the can of paint says wait 6 hrs, I'll wait 3.
I open my mail before I get in the house.
I peek at gifts.
How can you guys stand me anymore now that I'm airing out my dirty laundry???

Speaking of laundry.
I think cute panties and a made bed make your day start right.
And  time with Jesus of course.

Hell for me would involve a 'modern' house.
Geometric prints, straight lines, bold colors, funky art.
But I realize those people feel the same about my chippy paint and rust so we're even!

I am a rule follower.
I can't bend rules or laws.
I won't walk unless the light up man is on.
I won't use some one's debit card they asked me to use for them.
It just doesn't feel right.
I can't accept 'burned' DVDs.
My exception to rules is where creativity abounds.
Cooking, crafting, photography rules are out the window.

I have really sloppy handwriting.
I CAN write nicely, I just want to hurry.

I'm not a fan of the snow.
I think it is beautiful and tranquil, but I would never want to live in it.

Thanks for bearing with me!!!
This is getting harder and harder!!

God Bless,

Friday, October 15, 2010

100 Things About Me...

20 More:

I couldn't live with out Bulls Eye BBQ sauce, cheese, avocados, pomegranates or sandwhiches.

I am a scrapbooker...I love to document everyday moments MUCH more than events.

I had my belly button pierced when I was 18.
My kids don't know that!!
It only lasted about 6 months...

I really dislike tattoos.
I think they look trashy.
Forgive me.

I had a crush on my husband when I was 13.
He was the drummer in the JR High youth group band as staff and I was a student.
He didn't know I existed (seems how he was 18 at the time).
We didn't see each other for the next 5 years...
but when we did ;)
If anyone wants the whole drawn out story I'll post it sometime

I don't like fish or tomatoes.
I've tried to make myself,
honest to goodness I have.
I just can't do it.

I have a freckle on my lip.

I actually really disliked breast feeding my kids.
People are shocked when I say that seems how I nursed 2 of them till 2 yrs, one to 15 months and one to 19 months, but I did.
I did it for their health,
and yes the bonding was special, I am SO glad I did it.
But no, I didn't like it.
It bugged me, it was painful,
but I'll never regret it.

We heat our home with wood heat only.
Sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it.

Red Candy.
I will dig for the red candies,
doesn't matter what kind.
Red candy is good!

I have had 4 natural labors.
kidney stones.
chronic appendicitis.
I could probably handle being shot too,
but I'd rather not.

I itch to travel.
Home is where I will always love best,
but there are so many places I'd love to see.
Ireland, Scotland and England are first on my outside the country list.
In the USA, I'd love to see Savannah, Charleston, Boston...
the list could go on...

I'm horrible at making decisions.
If you ask me where I want to eat I will take an hour to pick.
Just ask my grandpa who likes to tell my indecisive restaurant stories from my childhood.
I really think it all comes down to people pleasing in the end, I'd rather let someone else decide what they really want.

I love movies,
classics are my favorite.
We watch a lot because we don't have cable or get any channels.
We love it that way.
Though I do miss HGTV on occasion.

I hate 'real' jewelery.
I love costume stuff, plastic and beads.
But gold or silver or diamonds?
No thanks!
My wedding band is a platinum band with TINY little diamonds inset so nothing sticks out.
I hate a stone sticking up on my finger.

Team Edward.
(did I really just write that??  I'm sinking lower here...)

I win the word scramble game at every shower or party I've ever been to.

I really didn't get my first choice name with any of my kids.
It was a compromise.
He picked names on my list...but not the top ones.
That's okay though cause I liked some nerdy names,
my kids will thank him later.
Except my daughter.
I wanted her to be Cecily.
She said "why didn't you? I love it!"

My car is always a mess.

I love the rain.

God Bless,

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Vintage Goodness...

My finds from Karen Russell's
Yard Sale.
Try not to weep with jealousy!

okay, so some actual vintage and some the Chinese version of it!
I also got a few things for my daughter's room that I'll share...once her room is descent.

My favorite thing is the wobbly, peeling, mint stool.

I wore my bird apron last night,
and didn't stain a shirt for once.

I hope your day is great,
I have many projects to be started this weekend now that we've moved on from the sickies,so stay tuned :)

And if you want some inspiration for a project...
check out what Lemonade Makin Mama did,
Her Wall Art

I'm inspired!

God Bless,

I haven't given you a MOMISM in awhile, so here ya go:
momism:  If you've ever thrown people from your moving vehicle to avoid anyone seeing the inside of your car, you are a mother!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

100 Things About Me...

You know how I said I'd write yesterday?
Ya, I lied about feeling better.
 I hadn't planned on getting sick all night at the time.
Better now, but the kids are taking turns.
The one time they share.
Go figure!

So I've read many bloggers lists of things about themselves,
generally done on a blogging anniversary.
And though I'm no where near this dear lady who I've recently been following 
She has a really good list going on!
has a list started too...
and just about the most spectacularly perfect home you've ever laid eyes on.

I decided to write my own list of things about myself,
those that know me may even still find some things out they didn't know :).


Here we go:

I am 29, with 30 just around the bend.

I use vintage cookware almost exclusively, cast iron pans and old spatulas, etc
And my hubby is the one who got me into it.

one of my biggest irritations in life is a dark house, dark movies, etc...I mean literally.
I've been known to hate movies or tv shows I'd otherwise enjoy simply because of the set being took me quite a while to pick up on my reason 'why', but alas, I found the common denominator.
Even a beautiful house makes me feel unbearably claustrophobic if there isn't enough natural light coming in.
No, seriously, I'm breathing deep just to think of it....

I will take a different route each time I go somewhere.
Example, every day taking my kids to school and I will go one of three ways, but I never use the exact same route each day.

I get cysts in my ear lobes all the time.

My dad passed away when I was 4 from drinking and driving,
and my step father of 20 years was an alcoholic...which leads me to # 7...

I despise alcohol.
I've never drank, tried any drugs or tobacco.
I actually get slight panic attacks when I'm around drinkers.

I've known and loved the Lord as long as I can remember.
I wasn't raised as a Christian, but as far back as I recall, I was talking to Jesus and trusting Him.
In middle school, I actually 'met' Him, and became familiar with His Word.
And I've never once questioned His existence or His love for me.

I love flowers: peonies, hydrangeas, dahlias, zinnias, vine roses, delphiniums, etc.
My exception is lilies and irises of any kind, I just can't like 'em though I've tried.

I'm an avid reader.
If you're one of those "I love to read I just don't have time" people, I 'm about to mock you.
If you love to read, you read.
You make time.
Dishes can crustify, kids can stay in a less than dry diaper while you finish a chapter.
I once read about 100 Sweet Valley High books the summer between 4th and 5th grade.
The most I read in one day was 5 .
I actually limit the amount of books I read because my tendency is to do nothing but read.
I do have to admit that sleepless nights have taken their toll and I am having a harder time with anything thought provoking anymore.
What can I say, I'm on a brainless reading kick right now.
Some favorite books:
Outlander series,
anything by Jane Austen,
Lonesome Dove,
anything by Alexander Dumas,
or Mark Twain, Jane Kirkpatrick,etc,etc,etc

not a fan of peanut butter and chocolate at all.
blasphemous to most of you I know...
I'll forgive you if you write me hate mail.

My worst qualities are probably being fearful and judgemental.
The fearful part is a daily surrender.
The judgemental part is a daily struggle.
I have a hard time with the plank in my eye, yes.
And I realize it's wrong to judge others.
But I still know I'm right.
See my issues??
What's worse, this or that I'm not a pb/chocolate lover??

Speaking of fear...
I still don't like the dark.
I run up the stairs after my midnight bathroom run downstairs afraid of the boogie man.
When my Honey is gone for the night the kids sleep with me,along with 2 phones, my car keys with a push button alarm and a cute little pistol.

 My heart a pitter patters for
home decor magazines, stores and blogs.
As a kid I would give myself an 'allowance' (usually about $20,000 ;)) and spend days going through JC Penneys and Sears catalogs furnishing my dream home (which I made a floor plan for)
and my dream family ( I got that one!)
For a  years running I asked my mom to buy me a matching bed set for Christmas.
I never got it.
Bless my mother's heart, she thought it was too boring.
She is not a decorator, though I love her dearly.
I'd define my 'style' as a thrown up mix of shabby chic cottage.
I love peeling paint, old architectural pieces, wrought iron...
anything that has a history behind it.
A story of it's own to tell in the folds of a patchwork quilt or the mortar in the bricks.
I get downright 'anxiety- like- Christmas- morning- when- you- were- a- kid' about a good junk sale.
Now if only I could increase the square footage on my home to accommodate it all...

I still can't drive a stick shift and really don't see a reason to learn now...

I am totally not a techno person.
I don't have an i-pad, or pod or whatever.
I have an old school flip open cell phone that only makes phone calls.
Our TV is not a flat screen, nor do we care
(thank God my hubby is the same way!)
I can tell ya the truth, I'm not even sure what Pandora is...
and to me a blackberry is a fruit.

I am NOT a pet person.
There ya go, if you weren't gone at pb/choc or judgemental you are now huh?
No seriously,
I'm not an animal person.
I think cows and sheep out in a field are pretty cool, I can appreciate a cute dog, but that doesn't mean I want to touch it.
Or ever deal with one.
Is anyone still reading this?

I was pregnant or nursing for almost 10 1/2 straight years of my life, not one day without..
I was nursing each kid when I'd get preggo with the next and so on and so forth.
Just now was the first time I actually did an exact year count, I am still shocked too!
And there went my 20s...

I've never changed my natural hair color.

I think Jack Handy is hilarious.

Okay, so this is a lot harder than I thought it would be.
I can only stand so much of myself.
I'll give ya increments of 20 throughout the month, k?

God Bless,

Monday, October 11, 2010

1,000 Gifts for Multitude Mondays...

And feeling better, **I think**

holy experience

Here we go:

61. the suns warmth
62. Monkey 2s close to a diagnosis with his leg issues...
63. books
65. slurpees
66. a hot bath
67. reading to my kids
68. kind neighbors
69. stew
70. Union Creek
71. linen
72. lace
73. that monkey 4 is talking up a storm now!
74. that I got to go to  Karen Russell's yard sale and get all sorts of goodness
75. the $2 movie theater in White City
76. the color robin's egg blue and tuorquoise
77. Jimmy Stewart
78. Gerard Butler
79. taco bell
80. fuzzy boots

I've almost been blogging an entire year now!!
Starting Tomorrow I will begin the 100 things about me,
something lots of bloggers do on these blogging anniversaries:)

And I will take photos of a few of my scores from Karen's yard sale!
God Bless,

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