Wednesday, October 13, 2010

100 Things About Me...

You know how I said I'd write yesterday?
Ya, I lied about feeling better.
 I hadn't planned on getting sick all night at the time.
Better now, but the kids are taking turns.
The one time they share.
Go figure!

So I've read many bloggers lists of things about themselves,
generally done on a blogging anniversary.
And though I'm no where near this dear lady who I've recently been following 
She has a really good list going on!
has a list started too...
and just about the most spectacularly perfect home you've ever laid eyes on.

I decided to write my own list of things about myself,
those that know me may even still find some things out they didn't know :).


Here we go:

I am 29, with 30 just around the bend.

I use vintage cookware almost exclusively, cast iron pans and old spatulas, etc
And my hubby is the one who got me into it.

one of my biggest irritations in life is a dark house, dark movies, etc...I mean literally.
I've been known to hate movies or tv shows I'd otherwise enjoy simply because of the set being took me quite a while to pick up on my reason 'why', but alas, I found the common denominator.
Even a beautiful house makes me feel unbearably claustrophobic if there isn't enough natural light coming in.
No, seriously, I'm breathing deep just to think of it....

I will take a different route each time I go somewhere.
Example, every day taking my kids to school and I will go one of three ways, but I never use the exact same route each day.

I get cysts in my ear lobes all the time.

My dad passed away when I was 4 from drinking and driving,
and my step father of 20 years was an alcoholic...which leads me to # 7...

I despise alcohol.
I've never drank, tried any drugs or tobacco.
I actually get slight panic attacks when I'm around drinkers.

I've known and loved the Lord as long as I can remember.
I wasn't raised as a Christian, but as far back as I recall, I was talking to Jesus and trusting Him.
In middle school, I actually 'met' Him, and became familiar with His Word.
And I've never once questioned His existence or His love for me.

I love flowers: peonies, hydrangeas, dahlias, zinnias, vine roses, delphiniums, etc.
My exception is lilies and irises of any kind, I just can't like 'em though I've tried.

I'm an avid reader.
If you're one of those "I love to read I just don't have time" people, I 'm about to mock you.
If you love to read, you read.
You make time.
Dishes can crustify, kids can stay in a less than dry diaper while you finish a chapter.
I once read about 100 Sweet Valley High books the summer between 4th and 5th grade.
The most I read in one day was 5 .
I actually limit the amount of books I read because my tendency is to do nothing but read.
I do have to admit that sleepless nights have taken their toll and I am having a harder time with anything thought provoking anymore.
What can I say, I'm on a brainless reading kick right now.
Some favorite books:
Outlander series,
anything by Jane Austen,
Lonesome Dove,
anything by Alexander Dumas,
or Mark Twain, Jane Kirkpatrick,etc,etc,etc

not a fan of peanut butter and chocolate at all.
blasphemous to most of you I know...
I'll forgive you if you write me hate mail.

My worst qualities are probably being fearful and judgemental.
The fearful part is a daily surrender.
The judgemental part is a daily struggle.
I have a hard time with the plank in my eye, yes.
And I realize it's wrong to judge others.
But I still know I'm right.
See my issues??
What's worse, this or that I'm not a pb/chocolate lover??

Speaking of fear...
I still don't like the dark.
I run up the stairs after my midnight bathroom run downstairs afraid of the boogie man.
When my Honey is gone for the night the kids sleep with me,along with 2 phones, my car keys with a push button alarm and a cute little pistol.

 My heart a pitter patters for
home decor magazines, stores and blogs.
As a kid I would give myself an 'allowance' (usually about $20,000 ;)) and spend days going through JC Penneys and Sears catalogs furnishing my dream home (which I made a floor plan for)
and my dream family ( I got that one!)
For a  years running I asked my mom to buy me a matching bed set for Christmas.
I never got it.
Bless my mother's heart, she thought it was too boring.
She is not a decorator, though I love her dearly.
I'd define my 'style' as a thrown up mix of shabby chic cottage.
I love peeling paint, old architectural pieces, wrought iron...
anything that has a history behind it.
A story of it's own to tell in the folds of a patchwork quilt or the mortar in the bricks.
I get downright 'anxiety- like- Christmas- morning- when- you- were- a- kid' about a good junk sale.
Now if only I could increase the square footage on my home to accommodate it all...

I still can't drive a stick shift and really don't see a reason to learn now...

I am totally not a techno person.
I don't have an i-pad, or pod or whatever.
I have an old school flip open cell phone that only makes phone calls.
Our TV is not a flat screen, nor do we care
(thank God my hubby is the same way!)
I can tell ya the truth, I'm not even sure what Pandora is...
and to me a blackberry is a fruit.

I am NOT a pet person.
There ya go, if you weren't gone at pb/choc or judgemental you are now huh?
No seriously,
I'm not an animal person.
I think cows and sheep out in a field are pretty cool, I can appreciate a cute dog, but that doesn't mean I want to touch it.
Or ever deal with one.
Is anyone still reading this?

I was pregnant or nursing for almost 10 1/2 straight years of my life, not one day without..
I was nursing each kid when I'd get preggo with the next and so on and so forth.
Just now was the first time I actually did an exact year count, I am still shocked too!
And there went my 20s...

I've never changed my natural hair color.

I think Jack Handy is hilarious.

Okay, so this is a lot harder than I thought it would be.
I can only stand so much of myself.
I'll give ya increments of 20 throughout the month, k?

God Bless,

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MamaMonki said...

You had me at number 10. When I was in school my mom grounded me from reading b/c my math grades had slid and I didn't care about tv - my nose was always buried in a book - I loved the Sweet Valley High books and the Nancy Drew Case Files when I was in middle school. Lonesome Dove and the Outlander series are some of my favorite reads as an adult.

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