Saturday, August 21, 2010

Have I Totally Lost It??

In all fairness I probably never had it to begin with.


I am truly considering making a big ol' wall stencil thingy for my bedroom wall.

Here's where I get a little obsessive.

A quote from Anne of Green Gables.
Not sure which one yet, there are oh so many to choose from.
Like"Carrots??!!  How dare you call me carrots!"


" I'd much rather be pretty than smart."

Okay okay I'm kidding!

I was thinking one of the more romantic sappy lines of course.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with my obsession, Anne of Green Gables has been my favorite movie /book since the 4th grade when the Disney channel had a teaser 'free' week and they had an episode on (back in the day when you had to pay extra for the Disney channel) and I BEGGED my mother to make it my ONLY Christmas gift if she would just order the channel until the series completed.

She gave in because of my charm (my whining) and alas...another movie has never come as near to my heart as Anne and Gil.
The music, the scenery, the story, the costumes.

Fast forward too many years and thousands of hours spent with Anne.

I now want her words on my wall.

I plan on a master bedroom makeover when the hubby's gone hunting this year. 
It's gonna be a surprise for him.
Okay for me.
But not the surprise part cause I obviously know what I'm doing.

Well NO, I actually don't know what I'm doing half the time.

I digress.

 Because let's face it, that's the time I get to do what I want to the house without his approval.

It should be called "honey shoots deer while Mandy makes large purchases and gets paint everywhere" Season.

Oh yes, and I also made-over my pantry (aka, tiny little food cupboard)
Because with 4 kids, 4 cats and a thousand loads of laundry a house in the middle of 10 projects , I totally have the time to paint the one tiny area no one else will ever see.

I'll be sharing pictures soon.

Are you so excited??
Ya, I thought not.

God Bless,

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I'm a girl who loves her sleep.
Who tries to sleep until the shrieks of little blessings for cheerios and diaper changes forces her eyes open.
If I slept a full 8 hrs (or even 6), there is nothing more serene to me than that first morning dawning.
As God paints His masterpieces upon a new, clean slate.
As the crisp, cool air refreshes and grants sanctuary for a few moments before the theremostat begins its climb.
When you know that yesterday has passed and you have another chance today.
A time of morning when the sound of your kids reminds you how blessed your life is and reminds you that God's plans await.
The clouds are trimmed in a glow from an awaking sun thats beauty makes you simply bask in it for a moment.

This is my favorite part of my day.
When I feel His Holy Presense.
When my prayers are praise rather than pleads.

 My kids will argue soon.
Milk is going to need wiped up off my floor.
Time-outs to be had, dishes to be done.
Slamming doors and bills to pay.
  And yet right now my perspective is just right.
  Because admist all these things I have a new day ahead.
To love my kids through the dicipline.
To listen to Monkey 3's calls to come to a puppet show he created out of my CD paper covers.
To give Monkey 1 his ibprofen to fend off the pain from newly placed stitches.
To see the assortment and crazy combinations of clothing dear Monkey 2 will come up with today.
To hear Monkey 4's ever increasing vocabulary surprise himself proudly as he says a new word.

These are beginnings.

How blessed am I that I get to do it again today??

God Bless, 

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