Saturday, November 16, 2013

My Thousand Gifts Smash Book...

I'm such a slacking blogger.
I apologize!
So, along with the rest of the civilized world I've been keeping my one thousand gifts.
I also happened to have a handy-dandy smashbook I had bought with no clue as to what to do with it.
My only thought was how they used Smashbooks in Sweet Valley High books, and well, I was a little past those stages ;)
So I turned my list of one thousand gifts into a smashing list!
I had NO plan {it's how I roll}, no preconceived thoughts as to how it would flow.  I just started writing, randomly gluing when the notion struck and came up with this.
She's not pretty or perfect.  Kids have scribbled, it's been left on counters where coffee has spilled.
I didn't keep track of how it would work out, but wouldn't you know?
My thousandth gift ended up on the very last page!
Here she is:


some pages are quite plain, some are chalk full of random stuff.
I printed out some of the things Ann offers on her blog and pasted them here and there. 
And I got some use out of my poor, neglected scrapbooking supplies.




and now, I need to go buy another smashbook to continue my counting!
this one took slightly over a year of counting gifts.
so, there you have it. 
How did you keep track of your thousand gifts?

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