Thursday, February 2, 2012


there's this guy i know.
i have a slight crush on him.

okay, a big crush on him.

his name is jerad.

he doesn't like his name,
or his face,
or anything about him posted on here.

he'll get over it.

and this is what i get when i try to get his picture.

hmmmm, wonder where this one gets it:

that's oldest monkey dodging the camera while uncle {who is single by the way ladies;}) holds him up!
sorry know i love you.

anyways, back to the man of the house.
he starts a new job on monday.
it will bring challenges and change.
and blessings.
i am so proud of what an amazing man he is.
  he truly has more integrity than anyone i have ever known.
he is hardworking,
loving, and for some crazy reason he really just adores me.

i am blessed to be his wife, and i just felt the need to yell that from the rooftops.
or the blog will do.

i know this new chapter will bring untold blessings to our already blessed life.
thank you for all you do for us.
for taking such good care of us.
and for being the man you are.
i love you so much,
your bride.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

crafty goodness...

once again,
i give thanks to ms. sasha at

while i had seen this idea light years ago on etsy and meant to try it myself, i never did.
i'd think about it here and there, but sasha did it, and gave me the kick i needed.

mugs from target.
i, in typical fashion, was too impatient/cheap to order the correct marker from the company sasha suggested.
so instead i used a sharpie.
so far it hasn't come off, but i expect it will.
i'll go over it in a ceramic pen when i can...
also, in typical fashion, i did not take my time and try to write nicely.
i am simply to impatient to do things correctly/nicely.
speaks volumes about my character, i know.

but aren't these babies perfectly imperfect?!
{i'm all good with mediocrity.}
i can hardly wait to have a cup of tea!
the white mugs have sayings from Pride & Prejudice,
the aqua ones have lines from Anne of Green Gables.

this could seriously get addicting.
i'm thinking of all the other movies it'd be fun to quote...
which movie lines would YOU choose?

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