Wednesday, February 1, 2012

crafty goodness...

once again,
i give thanks to ms. sasha at

while i had seen this idea light years ago on etsy and meant to try it myself, i never did.
i'd think about it here and there, but sasha did it, and gave me the kick i needed.

mugs from target.
i, in typical fashion, was too impatient/cheap to order the correct marker from the company sasha suggested.
so instead i used a sharpie.
so far it hasn't come off, but i expect it will.
i'll go over it in a ceramic pen when i can...
also, in typical fashion, i did not take my time and try to write nicely.
i am simply to impatient to do things correctly/nicely.
speaks volumes about my character, i know.

but aren't these babies perfectly imperfect?!
{i'm all good with mediocrity.}
i can hardly wait to have a cup of tea!
the white mugs have sayings from Pride & Prejudice,
the aqua ones have lines from Anne of Green Gables.

this could seriously get addicting.
i'm thinking of all the other movies it'd be fun to quote...
which movie lines would YOU choose?


Rebecca @ heartland farmhouse said...

i saw you pinned these. love the idea. i know enough not to start ~ my less than 'perfect' handwriting on a curved surface would surely be the demise of said project.
i enjoy yours though!!!

Jayme, The Coop Keeper said...

Snap out of it! (from Moonstruck) - lol - it's the first thing that came to me. :-)

Heather said...

I loooooove this cup idea. They are so cute.

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