Tuesday, January 24, 2012

my health { or lack thereof }

ah shucks.
i really wanted to avoid this,
but let's just spew it all out at once and be done with it shall we?

family, friends, and long term readers will remember that i had a an MRI almost a year ago.
the results were a little strange, but not alarming.
It was my second MRI, and it had confirmed that i had an enlarged trigeminal nerve on one side, and excess fluid.
there was no cause for it that they could find.

the thing is, for  a little over the last 4 years,
there has been concern regarding multiple sclerosis.
yep, i've spent years with that in the back of my mind, that i could be walking along with ms, prediagnosis, and nobody understands how crappy i feel except for my husband and mom, and a handful of close friends.

well, here we are,
i have now seen a naturopath who is looking seriously into all my 'issues'.
what has he found?
what hasn't he found is a better question.

while he does not make diagnosis, or distinctly believe in receiving them, he basically told me that if i continue on the path i'm on with my body, that i will have full blown MS within 5 years, 10 at best.
he has encouraged me not to seek further diagnosis.
he says he can, with my hard work, reverse the effects that this disease is attempting to conquer me with.

my medical dr.,
a casual friend, has also been very concerned for me over the last year. and believed that we needed to keep ms as the focus of investigation.

i have decided to skip the diagnosis part, the western medicine part, and jump straight to keeping my body as healthy as i can without outside medication, etc.
if, in the future, what i am doing is not enough, and i do in fact see it worsening, i will then go that avenue...
but i am hoping and praying to kick it now while in the early years!

so aside from that,
i have some other junkiness happening.
blood work:
the good doc told me to go home and take 20 vitamin d pills.
seriously, i am that deficient,
and that's taking one multi and another vit. d everyday!
i have hypothyroid problems,
adrenal problems,
pretty bad anemia,
a high white blood cell count, a low red blood cell count,
significant dehydration issues.
and and and.

i can't even keep it all straight.
he ordered more blood work,
to see if it is all consistent.

long story short...
i now am confirmed, feel validated in my exhaustion, inability to loose weight, aching joints, and all the issues that come with ms.

my autoimmune system is in complete melt down,
and in turn i am taking on a gluten free diet along with many other things.

i will know more when i speak to the doctor next, with the result of the next round of blood testing.

thanks for reading this far,
it was a much easier way to answer questions people were asking than calling and explaining to all.
now you all see why i hadn't shared this, even years ago when people were curious!

with God's grace and mercy,
i am looking forward to a much healthier 2012!



Say What? said...

Bless Your Heart! I'll keep you in my prayers.

Rebecca @ heartland farmhouse said...

so, i read this from my phone last night. gal you've had a long row to hoe(or so my ma would say). i was wondering how things turned out? now i know. just prayed the Lord give you the strength to press on with healthy eating & that that would remedy your health problems.

a couple of blogs:
i'm sure you've heard of http://keepitsimplekeepitfresh.blogspot.com/ Lissa is a sweet gal who shares delicious gluten free dishes & it doesn't hurt that her photography is gorgeous either. :)

also this blog: http://joyfullyhappilyeverafter.blogspot.com/ karen is a beautiful 33 year old mama who speaks about maintaining a grateful heart as she struggles with a life altering mystery muscle diagnosis.

hope you are having a beautiful spring-ish day!!! :)

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