About Mandy

i'm mandy.

first off, i love Jesus.
and if you don't know Him you're really missing out.
my husband rocks.
we married young, and we're still here.  together. and we still really like each other a whole lot.
plus- he's totally hot.
we have 4 kids. and yes, we're done.
nope, not Mormon. or even Catholic.
but i believe a quiver full is a good thing. a blessing.
they are loud and crazy and we are not the sweet , quiet Christian family i dreamed of.
thank God.
i think we're just what i need and love.
we yell, we cry, we have some strong wills going on.
but i feel so amazingly blessed to be called mom by these little monkeys.
we're starting this journey called homeschooling (after public schooling for a few years!),
relying on grace and caffeine.
um, i'm relying on the caffeine.  they come by it naturally.
i try to feed my family well, keep a clean house, and still find time for the little things i love.
i do a lot.
but i don't claim to do any of it well.
there will always be fish crackers ground into the floor of my car.
and usually laundry on my ugly green recliner.(clean, just not folded!)
i could watch anne of green gables 3,000 times and not be sick of it.
oh wait.
i have.  and i'm not.
jimmy stewart will forever be my favorite actor.
old stuff is the best.
peeling lead paint, rust, chippy and worn.
it's character people.
i love to read.
a tad obsessively.
i'm an anglophile.
a long white linen dress and a field of wild flowers on a slightly overcast day is perfection.
and i love beauty.
i'm an old soul. 
i keep it real.
while i am not perfect, i try to honor God in all things.
this does NOT mean that i know what i'm doing or that i don't occassionally say things i shouldn't.
what you read here is me being exactly me.

and i'm honored you're here.

you can always read my '100 things about me' posts if that wasn't quite boring enough for you ;)
or e-mail me @   mandyslovelylife@aol.com

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Promise Christian said...

OK, Mandy! You are so my new favorite Mom! :-)
After reading your Homeschool journal, I thought.. I want to know who this breath of fresh air in the Homeschool circle is.. So I read your about me.
We are kindred spirits.
Yup. I am a crazy Jimmy Stewart Fan. I mean, I love that man! Philadelphia Story.. My favorite movie of all times.. And that says a lot because I like A LOT of movies. Even his personal life, I like the real Jimmy Stewart, too.
And Anne? She just my childhood best freind.. That's all! Lol! I read the books about once a year...
I read a lot.
I love old stuff. Especially vintage fabric.
Do you happen to love Lucy, too?
Well, keep up the caffeine and the learning about how to best teach your younguns.. I encourage you! If you are reading Karen Andreola, I can guess you are interested in CM stlye learning? If so, check out Simply Charlotte Mason if you haven't already :-)
Nice meeting you!
Hilda Rebecca

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