Friday, November 27, 2009

That is Monkey 3...fell asleep on the top step!
1.  I am  so blessed and have so much to be thankful for...all year round.  So happy honey has such a wonderful family I call my own and that time spent @ Auntie Robyn's is going to be such a big part of the monkeys memories.

2.  Blessed to have my mom who will go out sick and in the freezing cold to wait for Santa with me and the kids and treat us to Dilly bars after.  She even took the Monkeys to Boatnik this year- by herself ( I had shingles)!  Now that's a Grandma! 

3.  Watched It's A Wonderful Life last night...I MAKE myself wait till Thanksgiving each year...well worth the  wait every time

buffalo girls won't you come out tonight, come out tonight...

4.  Monkey #4 is getting cuter, onrier and more entertaining each day.  He will put on anyone's underwear or socks and gets mad if you take them off.   He has great face expressions...just waiting on words(so then I can tell him to be quiet!)

5.  Monkey 2(though sassy as all get out)  is a sweetheart too.  Yesterday  Monkey 1 was NOT going to Thanksgiving dinner until he cleaned his room (he'd known that for days)  and it was coming down to the wire and he insisted he couldn't get it done and therefore was not trying.  Quietly Monkey 2 went up stairs and was gone for 1/2 hr.  Then she came down, told me she had cleaned up most of his room , left a little for him so it counted, because she didn't want him to miss out...What a sweet girl  ( in 5 min. I'm sure she'll be in trouble so I'll savor it now.

MOMISM OF THE DAY:  You may be a mom if getting dressed to go out means changing out of your stained sweats and into your 'nice' ones...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

1.  Whenever Monkey 3 pretends he is a pirate (which is multiple times a day)  he says "Ahoy Ladies" instead of 'mateys', too stinkin cute!

2.  Monkey 2 calls chihuauas (sp?)   Chick-a-wah-wahs!...also too cute

3.  I have decided that waiting for my kids to cooperate while I excercise is just pointless.  They will run around or cry @ my feet if I try to do a video, they can't keep up on a walk and wouldn't stay in a kid center if I got a gym membership...solution?  well this morning I rode my stationary bike for 40 min while holding and tickling Monkey 4.  A  mom must do what it takes right?

4.  Lovin that lil Monkey 2 is so excited for school.  She whines on days when she doesn't go, wakes up ready to roll when it is a school day and asks to do homework all the time...praying it lasts the next 12 years  :)

5.  Getting the Christmas decorations out and will put them up this week!  The kids and I made our own ornaments with vintage images and glitter!  Have I mentioned that Honey despises glitter?  No, really...he thinks it is evil and should be banned, I however love it.  We may end up in counseling over it :)

So I always get these ideas in my head that I call 'momisms'- things only moms would do, say or think.  Honey keeps saying I should write a book with them...instead I will give a 'momism' each post.  Exciting for the one person who reads this on occasion huh?  How can you contain yourself?   In the spirit of Jeff Foxworthy...

MOMISM OF THE DAY:   You may be a  mother if you have ever found yourself scrubbing the bathroom sink while using the toilet.  Moms are amazing multitaskers what can I say:)!

God Bless,

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