Tuesday, November 24, 2009

1.  Whenever Monkey 3 pretends he is a pirate (which is multiple times a day)  he says "Ahoy Ladies" instead of 'mateys', too stinkin cute!

2.  Monkey 2 calls chihuauas (sp?)   Chick-a-wah-wahs!...also too cute

3.  I have decided that waiting for my kids to cooperate while I excercise is just pointless.  They will run around or cry @ my feet if I try to do a video, they can't keep up on a walk and wouldn't stay in a kid center if I got a gym membership...solution?  well this morning I rode my stationary bike for 40 min while holding and tickling Monkey 4.  A  mom must do what it takes right?

4.  Lovin that lil Monkey 2 is so excited for school.  She whines on days when she doesn't go, wakes up ready to roll when it is a school day and asks to do homework all the time...praying it lasts the next 12 years  :)

5.  Getting the Christmas decorations out and will put them up this week!  The kids and I made our own ornaments with vintage images and glitter!  Have I mentioned that Honey despises glitter?  No, really...he thinks it is evil and should be banned, I however love it.  We may end up in counseling over it :)

So I always get these ideas in my head that I call 'momisms'- things only moms would do, say or think.  Honey keeps saying I should write a book with them...instead I will give a 'momism' each post.  Exciting for the one person who reads this on occasion huh?  How can you contain yourself?   In the spirit of Jeff Foxworthy...

MOMISM OF THE DAY:   You may be a  mother if you have ever found yourself scrubbing the bathroom sink while using the toilet.  Moms are amazing multitaskers what can I say:)!

God Bless,

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