Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Edie's Blog

I'm a big fan of Edie's Blog, Lifeingrace.
I've just learned that her home was devastated in a fire, but they are all safe.
Please keep her and the family in your prayers.

This is a good reminder that as we all celebrate, there are a lot of families going through some tough stuff right now.
Remember to lift others up in prayer.

God Bless,

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Merry Christmas!

May you all be blessed remembering our Savior's birth.
Have a Merry CHRISTmas,
I'll be back to your regularly scheduled blog in the New Year!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Do You Remember Me?

Oh my goodness,
time is speeding past me and I have gotten nothing done!

Here is some of the reasons I've been absent in the blogging world...

We have all been sick for going on 7 weeks.
Hacking constantly!
I feel like I need to wear a sign on my neck when shopping that says NOT CONTAGIOUS,
so I stop getting dirty looks as I hack.

We also went to Disneyland!

It has been a dream of mine to take the littles to Disneyland,
and we were finally blessed enough to go,
it was very exciting and we had a blast!

I turned 30!!!!
I have mixed feelings about this,
part of me is sad to say goodbye to my 20s,
I kinda feel like I was already 'older' than that for so long, that I'm a tad concerned if that means I'll be feeling 40 this next era.

But I am now past the baby making/having/feeding stages
which means I'll have a freedom (and sleep!) that I never had the last decade.

So now is crunch time, I don't even have a tree yet or the house decorated.
Sad I know, I'll be working my tushy off the next few weeks to get it all done.

I hope this season is bright and merry for you,
and that that little baby in a manger is in the forefront of your mind.

God Bless,

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Grateful Grace...

Is there anything more Thanksgiving worthy than our Lord and Savior's grace?
So as I stuff my face with mashed potatoes and gravy,
my thanks will be to a living God,
who formed me,
knows me,
and has a home in Heaven for me.
He deserves our gratitude.
Have a fabulous Thanksgiving my friends,family and fellow blogger chicks;)
God Bless ,

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Little Things ...

Here at the home front things are pretty sicky.
Hacking and coughing are plentiful.
Headaches rage.
Dizziness ,well, spins it's will.

Not to mention the HALF a molar I broke off yesterday.
Darn heath bar.

Yet I am grateful.
Where we cough, others put their lives at risk for our country.
When I complain about my kids fighting, others watch their own fight for their lives in a hospital bed.
When I complain about the enormous amount of money this darn tooth will cost me (no insurance),
I have a home and heat and food.
And really, I'm quite wealthy.
Though maybe not in America's standards.
While I moan about my husband's long work hours,
I sit here at home with our children and  reap the benefits of his hard work, that Praise to the Lord he still has.

I'm darn sick of whining.
Of opening up facebook only to see the same people ranting away about potty training issues (though Lord knows that I KNOW!)
or their ever present headache.
Or walk through the store and hear scolding of what are supposed to be mature adults on this or that or the other.

Yes, I can whine with the best of 'em.

But I also believe in sucking it up.
What happened to pulling up the boot straps and getting on with your LIFE???

There are more important things to be concerned with.
Furthermore, the world doesn't need to know each and everyday you suffer a migraine for Pete's Sake.

How about feeling some gratitude,
joy in what you have.
That's life people.
And it can be darn good when you choose it to be so.

"Do everything without complaining or arguing (Ph. 2:14)."

So yes, I am complaining about complaining.

So as I wander off to my easy chair, coughing enough to hack up lunch,
I'll tell God 'thank you' for the Little Things.
Because, really, it's all the little things that make the big ones right?

God Bless,

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

not feelin' it...

out of sorts on this blogging thing.

i think i'm going to quit.
then i don't.
and back again.

don't all go jumpin' off the bridge at once, i'm pretty sure i'm here to stay.
i've just lost my groove.
maybe it's under that pile of laundry on my chair.

i made a pretty banner thingamajig today in about 5 minutes.  maybe i'll share that tomorrow.

see ya when the butter flies
(i have no idea what that actually means, but my best pal and i always said it so...)

how not to eat the rest of that ice cream cone...

God Bless,

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Let Me Tell Ya What I Know...

***The following is not talking to my sweet blog readers, but strangers out and about***

Yes I DO indeed know what causes a baby.
Yes I DO know that my hands are full.
Yes I DO know how blessed I am.
Yes, they are all from the same father.(really??!!)
NO, I am not a Mormon.
Or Catholic.
Just a plain ol' Jesus lovin' Christian.
And YES, I am done, thank you very much.
But it's not your business if I wasn't.
And I don't mind sharing that info,
but the sassy voice is unnecessary.

I don't think I have EVER.  Seriously EVER.
been in a public place with all 4 of my kids when someone hasn't stopped me and said "boy you've got your hands full!".
It's like they all read out of the same book, What to Say When You See A Lady With 4 or More Kids.

On a separate note, I read a blog post yesterday that was so good I can't stop thinking about it, so hop on over here:
for some heart talkin' wisdom.

And here's my lil monkey with his new Big Boy do!

with the "good job, but not really", ice cream that followed.

God Bless,

Monday, November 8, 2010

1,000 Gifts for Multitude Mondays...

81. leaves changing colors
82. honey crisp apples
83. old trucks
84. easy homework nights
85.growing kids
86. salad.with ranch.
87. shopping trips
88. the end of hunting season
89. dessert
90. my mom
91. cows in a field
92. beautiful homes
93. a clean car (not that I would know)
94. early bedtime
96. almond exract
97. board games
98. notebook paper
99. scalloped edges
100. weight loss
101. old photographs
102. paint colors
104. fun jewelry
105. roses
107. sweet potatos
108. pizza
109. strollers
110. hot water

What are you grateful for?

holy experience

Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Good Weekend For A Movie...

On a rainy , Fall evening is there much better than watching a movie?

And I realize that tis the scary movie season, but I am not a scary movie person.
At all.
  Let's just say I watched a single CSI episode about 5 years ago that still haunts me to this day.
I don't get it.
I could never watch it again.

So let's go slightly off the Freddy movie types.

If you are headed to a theater I saw a fabulous one last night.

This movie was SO good.
Let me just confess right now that I have a love of CIA movies, spy movies, and all shoot em up, kick tush movies in general
(when they have a point and aren't just bloody to be bloody).

So when my Honey and I had a rare date night, he suggested a movie.
I said no, we had one at home rented (and cheaper).
He said "but there is a CIA spy movie".
So of course, I quickly changed my mind.

The cast of this movie is amazing.
Helen Mirren shoots automatic weapons for cryin' out loud!
This was a refreshing mix of action and comedy.
Yes I said comedy.
It was hilarious.

Rated PG-13 for action violence and brief strong language.
And they said "for the love of Christ" a few times.

SO if you are off to a theater this weekend , go see RED.
You won't be disappointed.

If you are renting a movie this weekend,
Robin Hood was great.

Robin Hood

It was a well done movie with great performances,
and was a different spin on the Robin Hood story,
kinda the 'prequal' to it.

My one exception to recommending it...
it has nothing on Robin Hood Prince of Thieves with Kevin Costner
(which has been one my favorite movies since it first came out).

So if you can avoid the comparisons, rent it.
It does have lots of violence and blood.
I personally like a movie that shows a man being a man and protecting the weak though,
in other words,
sword fights are cool.
Rated PG-13.

Have a good and safe Halloween weekend! Save me your Twix.

God Bless,

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Patience-Teaching the Waiting Game and Why?

Patience is a virtue.
One that I really stink at.


Why is patience so important?
Why should we teach our kids?

Because we want them to wait to have dessert after dinner?
Or to wait till their Birthday to open the gift?


Kinda important, but not a spirit lesson,
or is it?

This is something seemingly small .
So parents let it slide, this patience teaching thing.

Why is this a bigger deal than dessert?

When we teach our kids patience, we give them LIFE SKILLS.


 I leave our Mom's Shop stuff in plain view all week, and let them STRUGGLE with the wanting of the goodies, but not being able to have them yet.
Not because I'm mean (well, I can be).
But because it's BIGGER.

Often times I'll set a cup of juice on the table prior to putting dinner on the table.
It's certainly not because I want to yell ask them a million times to not drink it.

It's certainly not because I like cleaning up spilled juice from sneaky fingers.

I don't LIKE to pick a fight with my kids.

But there are moments we need to set them up to make a choice.
To set 'em up in a safe environment to learn the lesson of patience.

You see, I don't REALLY care if they had some juice before their meal.

Let's fast foreword 5,10, 20 years.

I DO care if they WAIT to have sex until marriage.

But I DO care if they WAIT till money is in their bank account before they buy their groceries.

I DO care if they WAIT to buy something they really want by saving cash rather than getting now on a credit card.

I do care if they choose to WAIT till I pick them up from a party where there is drinking, when all their friends are leaving now, together.

There is a lot more to teaching our kids patience than meets the eye.
It's character building.
It teachers them that no matter how much they want it NOW,
they will be blessed when they choose to WAIT.

Now if only I could teach myself to wait till after lunch to eat that cupcake...

 Linking up with:

 Raising Homemakers

God Bless,

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

100 Things About Me...

Okay, so I passed my one year blogging anniversary and still don't have this done!!
Almost there!

One of my favorite smells is wet, hot pavement.
You think I'm weird, just remember next summer to smell it and you'll get it.

I'm kind of an anti-perfectionist, perfectionist.
I fight against my perfectionistic tendencies to the point where I purposely make it imperfect.

Did that make any sense at all?

I have a horrid short term memory.
I can ask you something and 2 hours later ask the exact same thing because I forgot I already asked or forgot your answer.

I love trains, old planes, old cars.
Old modes of transportation are iconic to an era,
and since I like old things, well , there ya go.

I am fascinated by all things Irish/Scottish.
If I had the attention span I would study the cultures more but my brain is on malfunction mode from children.

I am an 'old soul'.
Even as a kid I would rather have had conversations with adults.
Even now almost all my friends are older than me.
I've always been mature for my age and very grounded.
I don't think there was one person who knew me well that was concerned when I chose to marry at 19.

I am not good at self-motivation and procrastinate horribly.
This is a fancy way of saying I'm lazy.

I don't write in paragraphs.

I am very transparent.
I don't do fake.
I can't really hide my emotions, or pretend to like someone if I don't.
I'm not ever mean, everyone deserves kindness, I just can't be fakey.
And I'm not a good liar at all.

I'm kind of anti -feminism.
I am old fashioned and proud of it.
Biblical standards are as true today as a thousand years ago.
And I pretty much see little grey in the world.
Somethings right or it's wrong.
It's good or it's bad.
It's black or it's white.
I have very little room for relativity in my head.
It's okay if you disagree:),
just filling you in on me!

I think Jimmy Stewart was the greatest actor of all times.
And his personal life was just as genuine as his acting.
My other favs are:
Bogart and Carey Grant , John Wayne and Charlton Heston from the old school,
Sean Connery, Robet Duvall, Gerard Butler, Tommy Lee Jones,
Steve Carrell, Anthony Hopkins, James Garner, Clint Eastwood, Collin Firth and Liam Neeson, Christian Bale, from 'our' time.

Bergman, Katherine Hepburn, Debra Kerr , Maureen O'Hara, Jean Arthur .
Reece Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Garner( I just like the Jennifers okay, I don't think they possess the talent as some others though), Sandra Bullock, Judy Dench,  Anne Hathaway, Diane Lane and Rachel McAdams.

That probably should have gone in it's own post but really, I'm reaching here at the final stretch for 100.

I'm not a good sleeper.
I LOVE sleep,
 but I wake up at least once an hour.
I sleep lightly and miserably.

I'm not passionate about coffee either way like most people.
Sometimes I drink it, sometimes I don't.
I love a good $4.00 coffee.
But at home?
Not really crucial. If I make it, I usually put chocolate milk in it.
I could live with it or live without it.

I am low maintenance.
My nails are short and ugly.
My hair is done in about 2 minutes, and a good day would be when I actually blow dry it (about once a month).
I like make up but,
the only girly thing I can't leave the house without is mascara.
And I hate lipstick.

I think the best part of my day is when the bra comes off!

I don't know if I ever wear matching socks.
And sometimes they're even my hubbys or sons.
And I can't stand to have 'closed in' feet in warm weather

I really want to learn to sew.
On the sewing machine my Honey got me 2 Christmases ago.

When I'm not 30 lbs overweight like I am now, I have tiny fingers.
My wedding band is as size 4.75

I hate brown and black or brown and grey together.

I am trying to live my life for Jesus, failing miserably, but He loves me anyway.

There you have it!! 100 things you probably would have been happy to never read about me!!

I hope you have a blessed day, Mandy

Monday, October 25, 2010

Multitude Mondays...

holy experience

81.  rainy October mornings
82. fires in the wood stove
83.  cupcakes
84. baking  with the kids
85. organizer thingys
86. paint
87. pomegranates
88. leeks
89. spices
90. clouds
91. fall leaves
92. carving pumpkins
93. pens (NOT pencils!)
94. online bill pay
95. my hubby's consistency
96. class parties
97. pretty bedding
98. ruffles
99. puddle jumping
100. pumpkin patches
101. hand writing
102. baskets
103. sleepy kids
104. Tylenol
105. candles (my fav. is the Real Deals soy Hot Buns!)
106. scalloped paper
107. crayons
108. lace
109. health
110. prayer
111. rain boots
112. hay bales
  what are you thankful for this Fall morning?? You don't have to name a thousand, how about 3?

God Bless,

Sunday, October 24, 2010

100 Things About Me...

This is getting HARD!!!

okay, here we go:

I have never seen Star Wars.  Apparently this is a big deal because people are SHOCKED when I say that.  It just doesn't seem appealing to me.

I have a thing against female singers for some odd reason.  I can appreciate a good voice, but I'd much rather listen to a guy.  A man's voice just has an appeal that a women's doesn't.  And a lot of women sing in that whiny, half drugged sounding voice I can't stand.  I only like female singers who can use that power from their guts type singing. In my top 25 singers/bands there might be one girl in it all...

I collect birdies.

I believe in being good stewards of the world God gave us, and being wise in our responsibility of it.
But the 'green' movement makes me insane.

I am passionate about conservative issues, and I'd love to be further involved in politics one day.
Helping in campaigns, or something similar.

One of my favorite quotes:

“Watch your thoughts, for they become words.

Watch your words, for they become actions.

Watch your actions, for they become habits.

Watch your habits, for they become character.

Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”
I think there is nothing quite like laughing till you have to pee.
I think the last time I did was when I was reading the newspaper mistakes and headlines online.
Water is soothing to me.
As a kid I could spend hours in the pool.
I actually like washing dishes because I get to put my hands in warm water.
That's the main reason I could never move to the Midwest, I couldn't stand to be further from the ocean.
(we're about 2 hrs away)
Baths, rivers, dish water, the sea.
I simply relax in being around water.
I think the fashion world has finally caught up to me.
I am LOVING the feminine style right now, the ruffles, florals, lace.
It's been my thing for a while, now I just fit in ;). If only I could work up the courage to put one of the  many flowers in my hair I've bought.
I feel silly when I do, but I love them on others!
Fall and Spring are my favorite times of year.
I go to bed each night with a heart so full of love for my kids and life that I feel like bursting,
and always wish I had been a better mom that day.
Weddings kind of bug me.
I know that sounds crazy, me being a romantic and all.
But really...
they seem so...forced.
Like hours upon hours have gone into the planning and rehearsing, until everyone seems so stiff and like they are trying way to hard for it all to be perfect.
If I had to do it again it would just be one big party, people surrounding us as we said our simple vows and enjoying the moment rather than performing a 'show'.
It would be casual but beautiful.
Rustic but elegant.With focus on the marriage and not a wedding.
no matter how hot I get, I have to sleep with a blanket on.
not a pie or brownie or cake person.
cookies, cobblers and other treats absolutely.
I've put my photography on hold till the kids are bigger.
It was the right choice for me.
They need my attention now, photography can wait.
I've only been to a few places.
Oregon, California, Texas (but only for 2 days for my grandma's funeral, and once as a kid that I don't remember), and New Mexico and Arizona as a young kid ( I don't remember it).
and Mexico with the church youth group.
That will change one day.
I might try to talk my honey into a Washington trip in a year or two since it's not too far!
I'd love to see Seattle and the Olympic rain forest area.
I have a really soft heart towards the homeless.
Even though I know they are mostly alcoholics or drug users.
They are still lost souls.
They make me feel blessed, and sad and help me to see the face of God all at once.
I say a prayer each time I see one, try to smile and look them in the eyes, though I rarely give them money.
They deserve respect and dignity.
They deserve to be treated as a human being and have someone look at them as a fellow man and not a dog.
I can disagree with how they choose to live, but give them grace at the same time.
 I would love to be involved in volunteer work with the homeless one day.
I am notoriously early to everything.
I LOVE old oak trees.
There is something solid, and sacred and beautiful about them.
I am the oldest of 4 kids.
I'm a typical first born.
One of my sisters is only 16 months younger, my brother is 8 yrs younger and my little sis is 10 yrs younger.
I love them all, and I have a good relationship with each, but we are all totally different in interests and personalities.
I'm probably the most different.

God Bless,

Friday, October 22, 2010


There are days when it all seems overwhelming, sure...

 once upon a time the above was a center piece.
now scraggly evidence.

but this is all the evidence of blessings
in my life.

God Bless,

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Kids...

Randomness from Sept...

Because destroying his sister's room and bed was exhausting!

Monkey 1:


basketball shorts, t shirts and tennis shoes.

cereal any time of day.

Reece's peanut butter cups.

riding bikes with his cousin.

hangin' with his dad.

hunting and fishing.

his cats.

being outdoors.



Getting up in the morning.


wearing halfway descent clothes.

taking showers.

his siblings constant noise.


Monkey #2


sparkly things.

climbing trees...or the wall...or, let's just say climbing!

pink and purple.




eating in general.


footie pj's




cleaning her room.


her brother's in her room.

being surrounded by boys.

having to come inside.

the dark.

scary movies (which aren't actually scary).

doing things for herself.

Monkey 3:


building with blocks, Lincoln logs, etc.



fish crackers.



His monkey shirt.



chasing his lil brother

underdogs while swinging.


veggies of any kind.

getting to the bathroom in time.

brushing teeth.

cleaning up his messes.

His big brother. :(

sleeping in.


Monkey 4:


peas and carrots.

Caillou and Little Bear.

squeezing the kitties.

fish crackers.


stuffed animals.



sticking his hand down my shirt.

playing in dirt.

writing on walls and furniture.


getting hair brushed.

brother chasing him.

not getting his way.

keeping covers on.

sleeping in his own bed.

bed time.

dirty or wet hands

sitting in the shopping cart.

God Bless,

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Redo...

Been up to my ears in a strictly "hate" relationship with some furniture this weekend!
I think I now own 5 pairs of yoga pants with paint on them.
What's so hard about putting on the same ones??

I have no idea.
But it is.

Here is my crappily done "BEFORE" shot:

typical lacquered 70s finish.

Here is where it turns for the worse...

enter citristrip.
Supposed to be easier than sanding.

I wasted about a day of my life, attempting with great difficulty,
to remove this pitch like substance.
If my husband didn't work quite so hard for a living I would have chucked it on the side walk with a free a sign, pitch and all.
I was unconcerned about the $40.00 I'd just put down at a yard sale for it, till I heard his voice in my head (my husband's, not God's. I'm convinced God would have said "go for it!")

After a few days...
this is what I got, sorry for the lighting, I didn't get it done and in till dark!

  not sure why the color looks so different,
it's somewhere between the 2!!!

Linking in with Cottage Instincts Make it For Monday!!!

God Bless,

Saturday, October 16, 2010

100 Things About Me...

20 more:

I never set the microwave , etc. on something normal like 1:00.  I have to do it 1:03 or :58 or something off slightly from the whole #.
No idea why.

I've never had a manicure except for my wedding, and never had a pedicure, facial, hair colored, etc.
Had a massage once after an accident.
I just can't see throwing money into that, even if I had it.
Maybe I'd change my mind once I did.

My biggest pet peeve is cotton balls.
Ya I know.
But I just can't stand the way they 'sound' and feel.
My kids take it out of the medicine bottles for me.

I love clothes.
Anything feminine, dresses, floral prints, gauzy material, linen, lacy.
Also love jeans and sweaters.
And boots.
And high heels though I'm too clumsy to wear them more than once a year or so.

I had a full ride to Western Oregon University to study education.
I wanted to be a high school or jr. high English/ Lit. teacher.
I didn't go because of a guy.
I've never once regretted my choice.

I have written stories since I knew how to write.
I have all sorts of ideas swimming in my head for books.
There are times I'll catch myself just standing somewhere hearing the dialogue in my head.
Ha!  Now you think I'm crazy:)
I've started many books,
I just never actually get one completed.

I am extremely phobic of snakes.
PHOBIC I tell ya.

I love games like Catch Phrase, Clue, etc.
I despise card games.

I am a horrible singer.
I LOVE music, but I truly have no tone or rhythm.

I am waaaaay behind on pop culture.
Probably because of no TV. but I truly don't know who half the people are I hear talked about or who I see on tabloid covers at the store.
You know what??
I don't think I'm missing too much.

I craved slurpees during 2 of my pregnancies to aid with nausea.
But I never got too sick in any of them.

I would consider adopting one day, if we could afford to do it a private one.

My favorite place in the whole world is in my husband's arms.
I know that sounds cheesy, but it's oh so true.
If I've had a rough day, or even a good one, there is something about him taking me in his arms that just melts the world away and sets it all right again.

I'm an 'overprotective' parent.
I think it's our jobs to protect our kids from the yuckiness in the world.
It'll be at their feet soon enough.
They aren't allowed to go to sleepovers, or watch any movies that are above PG (I've actually thrown away 2 PG ones we bought lately), or get on the Internet anywhere other than home.
When they ask why I now just say "because I'm mean."
But really they know why.
And I think they even appreciate it in the back of their little heads.

I'm awfully impatient.
If the can of paint says wait 6 hrs, I'll wait 3.
I open my mail before I get in the house.
I peek at gifts.
How can you guys stand me anymore now that I'm airing out my dirty laundry???

Speaking of laundry.
I think cute panties and a made bed make your day start right.
And  time with Jesus of course.

Hell for me would involve a 'modern' house.
Geometric prints, straight lines, bold colors, funky art.
But I realize those people feel the same about my chippy paint and rust so we're even!

I am a rule follower.
I can't bend rules or laws.
I won't walk unless the light up man is on.
I won't use some one's debit card they asked me to use for them.
It just doesn't feel right.
I can't accept 'burned' DVDs.
My exception to rules is where creativity abounds.
Cooking, crafting, photography rules are out the window.

I have really sloppy handwriting.
I CAN write nicely, I just want to hurry.

I'm not a fan of the snow.
I think it is beautiful and tranquil, but I would never want to live in it.

Thanks for bearing with me!!!
This is getting harder and harder!!

God Bless,

Friday, October 15, 2010

100 Things About Me...

20 More:

I couldn't live with out Bulls Eye BBQ sauce, cheese, avocados, pomegranates or sandwhiches.

I am a scrapbooker...I love to document everyday moments MUCH more than events.

I had my belly button pierced when I was 18.
My kids don't know that!!
It only lasted about 6 months...

I really dislike tattoos.
I think they look trashy.
Forgive me.

I had a crush on my husband when I was 13.
He was the drummer in the JR High youth group band as staff and I was a student.
He didn't know I existed (seems how he was 18 at the time).
We didn't see each other for the next 5 years...
but when we did ;)
If anyone wants the whole drawn out story I'll post it sometime

I don't like fish or tomatoes.
I've tried to make myself,
honest to goodness I have.
I just can't do it.

I have a freckle on my lip.

I actually really disliked breast feeding my kids.
People are shocked when I say that seems how I nursed 2 of them till 2 yrs, one to 15 months and one to 19 months, but I did.
I did it for their health,
and yes the bonding was special, I am SO glad I did it.
But no, I didn't like it.
It bugged me, it was painful,
but I'll never regret it.

We heat our home with wood heat only.
Sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it.

Red Candy.
I will dig for the red candies,
doesn't matter what kind.
Red candy is good!

I have had 4 natural labors.
kidney stones.
chronic appendicitis.
I could probably handle being shot too,
but I'd rather not.

I itch to travel.
Home is where I will always love best,
but there are so many places I'd love to see.
Ireland, Scotland and England are first on my outside the country list.
In the USA, I'd love to see Savannah, Charleston, Boston...
the list could go on...

I'm horrible at making decisions.
If you ask me where I want to eat I will take an hour to pick.
Just ask my grandpa who likes to tell my indecisive restaurant stories from my childhood.
I really think it all comes down to people pleasing in the end, I'd rather let someone else decide what they really want.

I love movies,
classics are my favorite.
We watch a lot because we don't have cable or get any channels.
We love it that way.
Though I do miss HGTV on occasion.

I hate 'real' jewelery.
I love costume stuff, plastic and beads.
But gold or silver or diamonds?
No thanks!
My wedding band is a platinum band with TINY little diamonds inset so nothing sticks out.
I hate a stone sticking up on my finger.

Team Edward.
(did I really just write that??  I'm sinking lower here...)

I win the word scramble game at every shower or party I've ever been to.

I really didn't get my first choice name with any of my kids.
It was a compromise.
He picked names on my list...but not the top ones.
That's okay though cause I liked some nerdy names,
my kids will thank him later.
Except my daughter.
I wanted her to be Cecily.
She said "why didn't you? I love it!"

My car is always a mess.

I love the rain.

God Bless,

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Vintage Goodness...

My finds from Karen Russell's
Yard Sale.
Try not to weep with jealousy!

okay, so some actual vintage and some the Chinese version of it!
I also got a few things for my daughter's room that I'll share...once her room is descent.

My favorite thing is the wobbly, peeling, mint stool.

I wore my bird apron last night,
and didn't stain a shirt for once.

I hope your day is great,
I have many projects to be started this weekend now that we've moved on from the sickies,so stay tuned :)

And if you want some inspiration for a project...
check out what Lemonade Makin Mama did,
Her Wall Art

I'm inspired!

God Bless,

I haven't given you a MOMISM in awhile, so here ya go:
momism:  If you've ever thrown people from your moving vehicle to avoid anyone seeing the inside of your car, you are a mother!

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