Thursday, March 24, 2011

prayers please...

so i hesitated to write this post,
not knowing much to begin with or what to share.

 but i figure that prayer has unparalleled power and that the more people sending some up the better off we are  :).

we've known i have some medical issues for some time,
and i will be going in for an MRI and some other stuff soon.
without explaining  (and really, the dr.s can't even at this point so why should i try?),
i have some really odd things going on that we're hoping to find an (unserious) diagnosis for.

the day after learning this (or finally facing it after years), about myself,
we learned that my Brynnie-Boo has some very odd optic nerve damage with no explanation.
she too, will be heading in for an MRI.

We appreciate your prayers,
and are trusting in a Mighty God.

Thanks and God Bless,
  p.s.  and forgive me if i'm not around, posting or reading or commenting as much!

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