Saturday, March 13, 2010

slight obsession...

still sick, so no pictures today but I needed to share this...

see I have a slight obsession with fellow bloggers who have amazing creativity and lovely homes...
and today I found another two to add to my list !
and they have a giveaways.  
and it includes a bird.
and a sign.
2 of my other *slight* obsessions.
and if I post about it on here I get a third entry into the contest.
(please please please pick me Sharon)!!!

and a second entry for posting this one.

God Bless,

Thursday, March 11, 2010


not feeling great today...and I get to take the kids to the circus-oh what fun ( insert sarcastic voice)!
some random shots... a monkey with daddy's deer

 A Valentines shot of a Monkey who's growing up WAY too fast...
another V-day shot...
this kid is all personality
and  spidergirl
who climbs walls like a real monkey could...

On a seperate note I'll be happy to share my House Rules with Scripture references too but I'm gonna wait till my head is less cloudy (on second thought you may be waiting a loooong time for that so we'll say 'when I'm not sick instead'  ;  )   )

and note to self:  Don't EVER buy peanuts in their shell as snack for 4 kids unless you enjoy cleaning up the busted shells and the little filmy skins all day!

God Bless,

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

happy things...

Happiness is...

a pair of new cowboy boots (60% off)

cherry blossoms

cute shoes in all colors

blooming trees

ugly chairs that I can transform into something lovely (stay tuned)

the new Flea Market Style magazine and my favorite quilt

another project...letters covered in vintage sheet music
(actually I wanted to spell out HOME or NEST but I grew impatient waiting for the store to get more 'e's in!)

Finally typing out and framing our  "House Rules"

a spoonfull (or 4) of Nutella

And  looking foreward to BUNCO night on Friday
(I'll have to take my camera along this time)!!!

Happiness IS NOT:
realizing that as I ran around taking blog pictures these two monkeys were catapulting then crushing fish crackers about the living room...

  God Bless,

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