Thursday, March 31, 2011

10 facts about my better half and i...

taking a cue from


i'm sharing 10 things about jerad and i...

he took me on a 6 mile hike to propose.
i whined the whole time because i was in keds and had blisters on my feet.
he proposed in an old cabin and was so incredibly nervous.

did i mention it was 6 miles?!

he was a drummer in the youth group band as a staff member.
i was an annoying jr. higher that was slightly obsessed with him.
he, rightly so , didn't know i existed.
once at camp i fell on the ice and got knocked out.
jerad was the staff they has stay with me and pray with me while they went for help.

it was worth the scare.

i didn't see him for the next 3.5 years.
but for some reason,
every time his name would come up
(as things do in smallish towns),
i would say a prayer for him,
like i had some crazy connection i didn't quite understand.
then, at the end of my senior year of high school, we saw each other at a party, he remembered me ;)
and for the next few months we randomly saw each other running errands, etc.

the weekend i graduated from high school, the night before in fact,
we saw each other at a wedding, the everyone hung out at a restaurant after the reception.
i had to use the restroom when everyone was being seated.
low and behold,
when i came back the big table was full,
there was one more with just jerad and his 2 pals.

they talked about going to a church on sunday,
i said i wanted to go to, and threw my # out on the table and said one of them better call me and take me.

wouldn't you know who snatched that # right up;)?

a few weeks before that wedding,
my BF and i sat down to talk about her upcoming wedding.
she told me i needed to find my guy, and literally asked me to make a list of random things this dream guy would have.
after the basics,
she asked me silly details,
"what kind of car would he drive?"
i said" a grey toyota pick-up".

imagine my surprise the night of the wedding walking out to the vehicles.
i was speechless for a few seconds and felt like i'd been punched in the gut.

our first date was that church service following my graduation
(I was now acceptable in his mind since i was no longer a high schooler;)).
somehow, nobody else came along.
the next day he asked me to go to a park with him,
brought me chicken fried rice,
and , well, he knew within a couple weeks he would marry me one day.
i knew it too, but i still couldn't wrap my brain around the idea that this guy i'd admired my whole teenage life actually loved me.

we started dating June of 99.
that proposal came in march of 2000.
we married in aug. 2000.

we share a passion for antiquing.
the beach.
home design.
and movies

it is SO important to have something you love to do together.

our song is cross my heart by george strait.

we're in for the long haul.
and SO excited to spend this life with him...

God Bless,

Monday, March 28, 2011


what to do when you are 30 years old,
plump , okay, okay, fat,
but you still like to stay up with the fashions?

you come up with your own solutions!
i have professed my love of all things frilly and floral in fashion here before.
the main problem i tend to encounter is the length of the dresses.
let's just say it,
i don't like my rear end hanging out when the wind slightly blows,
nor, i'm sure, would those around me.

but i found a couple cute dresses at Target the other day.
Way too short.

no, not sewing.
that would be even scarier :)


with another skirt underneath,
i even took an old cotton slip out of my daughter's dress up one day
(don't have pictures of that one yet).

photo by a 6 year old...

you can see how short that adorable blue dress is.
by adding a white linen skirt that's ruffled only on the bottom
(so it doesn't add any more bulk around the torso),
it worked perfectly!

God Bless,

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