Thursday, June 9, 2011

just say no ( a somewhat rant)...

the whirlwind of end-of-school-craziness is just about at a close...

possibly forever?
well, i'm sure there will still be some,
just all together different.

there is much to get done,
projects i'm needing to begin,
books to read,
clothes to wash
(and actually fold and make it to the drawers!)

all that said i'm winding it down.
i'm determined to have a semi schedule this summer.
you know,
the kind of schedule that helps actually have more time to relax?!

here's the deal.
we are not a go-go-go family.
we're a mostly stay home and do random things family.
the kids do not participate in  any sports other than the oldest monkey with spring baseball.
we don't do camps/trainings/plan lots of play dates/etc.
i refuse to be the mother that is always in the car,
with 4 kids going to 4 places and picking up fries along the way.
i know it will get more difficult as the others get a bit older.
there will be more busyness.
though i refuse to be running around like a chicken with my head cut off.
 families ask how i do it all.
i don't!
i say no to many things.
being HOME with family is more important than having all the kids kept "BUSY".
 i have a very difficult time with the idea of dropping our kids of at baseball training camps, boys and girls club activities, football day camps, etc.
i do not feel at all comfortable about sending my kids off to adults i don't really know for hours at a time.
i've never even allowed them to go to VBS.
while these activities can be fun, i would encourage parents to ask questions regarding background checks ( in our state, i've  heard but not verified it only shows up if the occurrence HAPPENED in our state!)
 and whether or not there are policies in place for a 2 deep ratio.
meaning that there have to be at least 2 adults with a child at all times,
trips to the rest room, etc.
i know some people are eye rolling at me.
in a world where possibly 1/2 the kids are sexually molested this is not something to consider lightly.
and even better, if you can be present at these camps, etc, then by all means STAY!
i know this may mean that you have to wait 2 hours and take the kids to the grocery store when you are done, but it is worth the protection of your children!

the same goes for allowing kids to spend time at other people's homes.
my kids have a select few homes they are allowed to go to.
and they are NEVER allowed to spend the night.
yes, they think we are evil for it,
but one day,
when they are sitting in a cabin with 12 peers at church camp and the conversation reveals that they are
 that has not been sexually molested they will understand.
i know because i was in one of those cabins,
and was so horrified that after i got the girls settled i walked out in the snow and cried my eyes out.
those girls have no idea how their inexcusable wounds have enabled me to be a more aware,
more protective parent to my children.
i thank the Lord that their experiences were shared with me that i might have a better understanding of this evil world and the need to protect our babies.

will your child be upset when they are 'the only one' unable to attend the sleepover?
there will be tears and tantrums galore.
but just say no!

have a sleepover in your living room,
popcorn and movies.
invite friends to your house as much as possible.
stay home rather than running from one place to the next
(unless of course it's a park hopping extravaganza!).
find time to lay under an oak and read a good book to your kids.
(we're currently on Little House on the Prarie).


God Bless,

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


i'm just curious if anyone else is having blogger issues?
i'm not able to leave comments on 99% of the sites i'm attempting to?!

Monday, June 6, 2011

book review: Redeeming Love...


perhaps i had too high of expectations?
i had heard that this was THE BOOK for Christian women.
the best work of fiction in this genre.
life altering.

it wasn't.

i DID like it.
i thought it was well written,
an interesting retelling of a familiar Biblical story of Gomer and Hosea.
it was good.
i'm glad i read it.
but i should have borrowed it,
not went out and bought it.

it was...
hard to read.
(not hard to read literally, but emotionally)
the characters frustrated me continually.

i've heard this book brings healing to many.
i can see that.
if someone had led a particular life style,
or had been through sexual assault,
i can see where this book may have helped bring healing.

now i'm not trying to sound 'holier than thou', but i must be honest.
if the woman reading this came from a sexually pure background,
and without the horrid back ground of sexual wounds,
this book was simply sickening.
i truly felt like vomiting in parts.

maybe my heart is too tender?
not tender enough?

i don't know.
***Spoiler in red!***
i just know that while i thought Sarah's character was admirable and was cheering for her redemption,
i also wanted to shake her out of her bubble a few times.
and Michael? great man of course,
though i thought his most heartless act was consummating their marriage when she clearly was not ready to give heart and soul.
i thought this was a selfish act.
i wanted to kick him.
but it probably would have looked strange sitting on the lake shore  kicking my book.

i liked the book.
but i in no way felt it was one of my favorites ever.
i'm giving it *** and 1/2 stars.
i'd fully recommend it with the exception of the whole sin this book is based upon.
if your heart is prepared to read some hard yuckiness in the world, then you'll be better prepared.
i had no idea.

God Bless,

eta: i should have added that while the details were nauseating, i very much appreciate this authors frankness in dealing with sexual temptation and sin.
too many Christian authors sugar coat or simply ignore these things to make it more pure.  Mrs. rivers did not, and i think that put a much more genuine realism into her book.
i should also add, that my favorite (VERY unchristian) book of all time also makes me sick in parts. Outlander. i DO NOT recommend my favorite series ever.  how's that for honesty ;)
there were aspects that truly gave me  nightmares that i will, knowingly, skip over upon my next reading of it.

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