Book List 2013

***I read several books that didn't get listed here because of my being kicked out of blogger from Nov. on.

Fiction :

Absolute Truths, by Susan Howatch {read Jan 2013 , a book club pick.   I'm giving this book 4.5 stars.  not because the story was exceptional , it wasn't.  but her writing style is amazing.  this book is about a bishop in the Church of England in the 1960s, struggling with the changing world and the sins it held, but also for the behind the scenes sins within his own church and his own heart.  this book is told in first person by the bishop, an old man.  at one point i actually had to turn the cover back and make sure this was indeed written by a woman and was fiction.  that's how well the story is told.  you feel like you are reading an autobiography.  simply amazing writing. }

What We Keep, Berg { 3.5 stars. Jan '13. journey of a family torn apart by a mother's actions, told through a 12 yr. olds eyes.  interesting, easy read}

The Guersney Literary and Potato Peel Society, { 5 stars, Jan. '13, Loved it! How an author can write a whole book about post world war 2 and all it's horrors and still make the book light hearted and funny is beyond me, but it works.  a very enjoyable, light, easy read!}

Sarah's Key { 5 stars.  i really did NOT want to read a book about kids in WW2.  too much hard stuff.  but i am glad i read this beautiful book about Jewish French citizens being rounded up.  while this is fiction, it is based on things that really happened. i learned some things and broke my heart, but it was worth it.  we must remember.  feb. 2013}

First Light, Thoene {March 2013, 4 stars.  very good.  about the world during Jesus's time.  If I didn't compare it to the Mark of The Lion series, I would have given this 5 stars.}

Forsaken, James Jordan {Apr. , 3 1/2  stars.    good, easy, quick read.  Christian}

Atlas Shrugged, Ann Rand {May, 5 stars.  book club selection.  Amazingly written, ahead of its time.  Meaty and thought provoking and stunning}

Season of Storms, Susanna Kearsley {May, 4 stars, really like her, easy reading, but fun and mysterious without being scary}

When Splendor Falls, Kearlsey {May, 4.5 stars, super good read.  Mystery weaving different time periods.}

The Club Dumas, Perez-Reverte { April/May, 4 stars.  interesting read.  a fun mystery, a little dark but I enjoyed all the classic literature angles it took.  Almost like reading Sherlock Holmes mixed with Dumas.}

The Maze Runner, Dashner {June, 5 stars.  If you loved the Hunger Games this book is very similar.  A quick read, and super fun, edge of your seat...looking forward to the next 2 in this trilogy}

The Favored Child, Gregory{ 4 stars.  loved.  she's an amazing writer.  lovely period piece}

The Death Cure, The Scorch Trials, Dashner{books 2&3 in Maze Runner trilogy.  as awesome as the first one.  edge of your seat!  5 stars, june}

Fallen Skies, Phillipa Gregory{July, 2.5 stars. good, not great.  Her worst book I've read}

Night Circus, Morgenstern{Aug. LOVED.  could have used more character development, but the story was intriguing, and written form present tense, which I thought phenomenal!  4 stars}

Breakable, Aimee Salter { nov.. 2013, 5 stars.  My cousin's debut novel.  A young adult book about a bullied teen whose older self talks to her in the mirror.  Brilliant!}

Outlander, Dragonfly In Amber and Voyager, Diana Gabaldon {Sept, Oct, Nov.  5 stars.  best series ever.  dirty and and a guilty pleasure. Brilliantly written.}

Divergent series, Roth {Dec. Y.A. distopian genre. loved, fun read. 4 stars}

The Book Thief, Zusak {Dec?  5 stars! Is the story enchanting?  not really.  Is it a page turner?  not really.  Are you smitten with the characters?  nope.  HOWEVER, the writing is out of this world.  This man writes like none other I have ever read. It is a study in literature at its finest.  I really can't say enough about the magic that must go on inside the author's head.  He's brilliant!}

Cleaning House, Kay Wyma { Jan. 2013. 4 stars.  a mom who embarks on an experiment to rid her kids of their entitlement attitudes and learn to work! very real, honest, funny, and a lot of wisdom within these pages.  I'll definitely be starting some of these within my own home!}

The Ministry of Motherhood, Carkson. { Feb/March 2013.  probably my favorite author on all things motherhood. 5 stars}

Teen-Proofing, John Rosemond.{ April, 4 stars.  great advice...a little hard to swallow, but accurate!}

Loving Your Kids On Purpose, Danny Silk {June 2013, 5stars.  perhaps the best parenting book I have ever read.}

Happy, Happy, Happy,  Phil Robertson{of Duck Dynasty} {5 stars, June.  Bought for the hubs for Father's day and read it myself.  The man is amazing, neat to read more of his story}

Unglued, TerKeurst{july, 2013 . 4 stars.  great book.}

Being A Woman Who Says Yes To God., TerKeurst{ 4 stars, July}

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