Tuesday, March 9, 2010

happy things...

Happiness is...

a pair of new cowboy boots (60% off)

cherry blossoms

cute shoes in all colors

blooming trees

ugly chairs that I can transform into something lovely (stay tuned)

the new Flea Market Style magazine and my favorite quilt

another project...letters covered in vintage sheet music
(actually I wanted to spell out HOME or NEST but I grew impatient waiting for the store to get more 'e's in!)

Finally typing out and framing our  "House Rules"

a spoonfull (or 4) of Nutella

And  looking foreward to BUNCO night on Friday
(I'll have to take my camera along this time)!!!

Happiness IS NOT:
realizing that as I ran around taking blog pictures these two monkeys were catapulting then crushing fish crackers about the living room...

  God Bless,

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Jason & Sara said...

I like the House Rules - great idea. Do you mind sharing them?

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