Thursday, March 4, 2010

Our Trip

Not last weekend but the one before we got out of town for about 5 days.  Honey's best friends live in Salem and so we bunked at their place.  We hit up the zoo and OMSI in Portland, Chucke Cheese and random fun in Salem.  I honestly think though that the monkeys had more fun playing with the kids than anything else!
the bird cage is a favorite.
a fun filled time!

momism: if you can believe it , my printer stopped working again.  I thought no way could I have another ROCK in my printer...nope...a kix.  That's right, a piece of cereal.  So if you have random foriegn objects impairing your printers performance you must be a mom!!

God Bless,


Erica B said...

found a random, unidentifiable piece of someting in my printer just the other day... no questioning the mom status here! (mommies of 4 unite! ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm officially your Follower and your Friend. Sorry for the lame Facebook Friend joke.
It looks like you all had a nice trip. The kids are getting bigger.
Be well,
Your Aunt Sally

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