Tuesday, October 26, 2010

100 Things About Me...

Okay, so I passed my one year blogging anniversary and still don't have this done!!
Almost there!

One of my favorite smells is wet, hot pavement.
You think I'm weird, just remember next summer to smell it and you'll get it.

I'm kind of an anti-perfectionist, perfectionist.
I fight against my perfectionistic tendencies to the point where I purposely make it imperfect.

Did that make any sense at all?

I have a horrid short term memory.
I can ask you something and 2 hours later ask the exact same thing because I forgot I already asked or forgot your answer.

I love trains, old planes, old cars.
Old modes of transportation are iconic to an era,
and since I like old things, well , there ya go.

I am fascinated by all things Irish/Scottish.
If I had the attention span I would study the cultures more but my brain is on malfunction mode from children.

I am an 'old soul'.
Even as a kid I would rather have had conversations with adults.
Even now almost all my friends are older than me.
I've always been mature for my age and very grounded.
I don't think there was one person who knew me well that was concerned when I chose to marry at 19.

I am not good at self-motivation and procrastinate horribly.
This is a fancy way of saying I'm lazy.

I don't write in paragraphs.

I am very transparent.
I don't do fake.
I can't really hide my emotions, or pretend to like someone if I don't.
I'm not ever mean, everyone deserves kindness, I just can't be fakey.
And I'm not a good liar at all.

I'm kind of anti -feminism.
I am old fashioned and proud of it.
Biblical standards are as true today as a thousand years ago.
And I pretty much see little grey in the world.
Somethings right or it's wrong.
It's good or it's bad.
It's black or it's white.
I have very little room for relativity in my head.
It's okay if you disagree:),
just filling you in on me!

I think Jimmy Stewart was the greatest actor of all times.
And his personal life was just as genuine as his acting.
My other favs are:
Bogart and Carey Grant , John Wayne and Charlton Heston from the old school,
Sean Connery, Robet Duvall, Gerard Butler, Tommy Lee Jones,
Steve Carrell, Anthony Hopkins, James Garner, Clint Eastwood, Collin Firth and Liam Neeson, Christian Bale, from 'our' time.

Bergman, Katherine Hepburn, Debra Kerr , Maureen O'Hara, Jean Arthur .
Reece Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Garner( I just like the Jennifers okay, I don't think they possess the talent as some others though), Sandra Bullock, Judy Dench,  Anne Hathaway, Diane Lane and Rachel McAdams.

That probably should have gone in it's own post but really, I'm reaching here at the final stretch for 100.

I'm not a good sleeper.
I LOVE sleep,
 but I wake up at least once an hour.
I sleep lightly and miserably.

I'm not passionate about coffee either way like most people.
Sometimes I drink it, sometimes I don't.
I love a good $4.00 coffee.
But at home?
Not really crucial. If I make it, I usually put chocolate milk in it.
I could live with it or live without it.

I am low maintenance.
My nails are short and ugly.
My hair is done in about 2 minutes, and a good day would be when I actually blow dry it (about once a month).
I like make up but,
the only girly thing I can't leave the house without is mascara.
And I hate lipstick.

I think the best part of my day is when the bra comes off!

I don't know if I ever wear matching socks.
And sometimes they're even my hubbys or sons.
And I can't stand to have 'closed in' feet in warm weather

I really want to learn to sew.
On the sewing machine my Honey got me 2 Christmases ago.

When I'm not 30 lbs overweight like I am now, I have tiny fingers.
My wedding band is as size 4.75

I hate brown and black or brown and grey together.

I am trying to live my life for Jesus, failing miserably, but He loves me anyway.

There you have it!! 100 things you probably would have been happy to never read about me!!

I hope you have a blessed day, Mandy


MamaMonki said...

I'm totally with you on number 95. I'm glad you shared. Maybe I should get motivated and do my own list. Hmmmm - did I mention I procrastinate too.

Anne Marie said...

hi mandy......so funny.....i too wear my husband's or oldest son's socks more than my own i swear!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Ooh I loved your list. We are very similar...wow. I love when the bra comes off too, I'm very low maintenance, love Jesus with all my heart...I'm a little imperfect naturally though...HA! Great list.

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