Saturday, October 16, 2010

100 Things About Me...

20 more:

I never set the microwave , etc. on something normal like 1:00.  I have to do it 1:03 or :58 or something off slightly from the whole #.
No idea why.

I've never had a manicure except for my wedding, and never had a pedicure, facial, hair colored, etc.
Had a massage once after an accident.
I just can't see throwing money into that, even if I had it.
Maybe I'd change my mind once I did.

My biggest pet peeve is cotton balls.
Ya I know.
But I just can't stand the way they 'sound' and feel.
My kids take it out of the medicine bottles for me.

I love clothes.
Anything feminine, dresses, floral prints, gauzy material, linen, lacy.
Also love jeans and sweaters.
And boots.
And high heels though I'm too clumsy to wear them more than once a year or so.

I had a full ride to Western Oregon University to study education.
I wanted to be a high school or jr. high English/ Lit. teacher.
I didn't go because of a guy.
I've never once regretted my choice.

I have written stories since I knew how to write.
I have all sorts of ideas swimming in my head for books.
There are times I'll catch myself just standing somewhere hearing the dialogue in my head.
Ha!  Now you think I'm crazy:)
I've started many books,
I just never actually get one completed.

I am extremely phobic of snakes.
PHOBIC I tell ya.

I love games like Catch Phrase, Clue, etc.
I despise card games.

I am a horrible singer.
I LOVE music, but I truly have no tone or rhythm.

I am waaaaay behind on pop culture.
Probably because of no TV. but I truly don't know who half the people are I hear talked about or who I see on tabloid covers at the store.
You know what??
I don't think I'm missing too much.

I craved slurpees during 2 of my pregnancies to aid with nausea.
But I never got too sick in any of them.

I would consider adopting one day, if we could afford to do it a private one.

My favorite place in the whole world is in my husband's arms.
I know that sounds cheesy, but it's oh so true.
If I've had a rough day, or even a good one, there is something about him taking me in his arms that just melts the world away and sets it all right again.

I'm an 'overprotective' parent.
I think it's our jobs to protect our kids from the yuckiness in the world.
It'll be at their feet soon enough.
They aren't allowed to go to sleepovers, or watch any movies that are above PG (I've actually thrown away 2 PG ones we bought lately), or get on the Internet anywhere other than home.
When they ask why I now just say "because I'm mean."
But really they know why.
And I think they even appreciate it in the back of their little heads.

I'm awfully impatient.
If the can of paint says wait 6 hrs, I'll wait 3.
I open my mail before I get in the house.
I peek at gifts.
How can you guys stand me anymore now that I'm airing out my dirty laundry???

Speaking of laundry.
I think cute panties and a made bed make your day start right.
And  time with Jesus of course.

Hell for me would involve a 'modern' house.
Geometric prints, straight lines, bold colors, funky art.
But I realize those people feel the same about my chippy paint and rust so we're even!

I am a rule follower.
I can't bend rules or laws.
I won't walk unless the light up man is on.
I won't use some one's debit card they asked me to use for them.
It just doesn't feel right.
I can't accept 'burned' DVDs.
My exception to rules is where creativity abounds.
Cooking, crafting, photography rules are out the window.

I have really sloppy handwriting.
I CAN write nicely, I just want to hurry.

I'm not a fan of the snow.
I think it is beautiful and tranquil, but I would never want to live in it.

Thanks for bearing with me!!!
This is getting harder and harder!!

God Bless,

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MamaMonki said...

I love reading about you. We have several things in common - writing but not finishing, slurpie craving, game preferance, over protectiveness and all. Does the fact I like getting to know you this way make me a creepy stalker type person?

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