Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Redo...

Been up to my ears in a strictly "hate" relationship with some furniture this weekend!
I think I now own 5 pairs of yoga pants with paint on them.
What's so hard about putting on the same ones??

I have no idea.
But it is.

Here is my crappily done "BEFORE" shot:

typical lacquered 70s finish.

Here is where it turns for the worse...

enter citristrip.
Supposed to be easier than sanding.

I wasted about a day of my life, attempting with great difficulty,
to remove this pitch like substance.
If my husband didn't work quite so hard for a living I would have chucked it on the side walk with a free a sign, pitch and all.
I was unconcerned about the $40.00 I'd just put down at a yard sale for it, till I heard his voice in my head (my husband's, not God's. I'm convinced God would have said "go for it!")

After a few days...
this is what I got, sorry for the lighting, I didn't get it done and in till dark!

  not sure why the color looks so different,
it's somewhere between the 2!!!

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God Bless,


Chrissie said...

it turned out great. I love the color, I am so with you on ruining clothes.I can't figure why I don't just paint in the same thing either~

Hilary @ Sweet as June said...


Sue@Uniquely Chic said...

Thanks for stopping by my side of blog world. This piece turned out great, love the turquoise color. I've heard liquid nails works great for removing the 70's lacquer finish although I've personally never tried it. Nicely done!

Author Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

Sometimes cleaning up something seems like too much time, but it looks great!

Kim said...

I'm so sorry your stripping was so difficult. It looks like your piece found a happy little spot, though.

Janet said...

I have stripped furniture before. It is never fun or easy. Two dressers took me two large cans of this heavy duty stripper and many weeks of scrapping. Now if I want to restain furniture I make sure the wood is thick enough to just be sanded down. I will never strip furniture again.

I have been having a hate relationship with some brass lamps that I was going to make over.

I think I will submit it to craft fail.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Janet

Maureen said...

Well it may have been a pain but worth the effort in end.

P.S. Personally, I love gel stripper.

foxxy said...

Great transformation! I love working with furniture but I always hate the sanding part. It's well worth it in the end though.

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