Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I'm a girl who loves her sleep.
Who tries to sleep until the shrieks of little blessings for cheerios and diaper changes forces her eyes open.
If I slept a full 8 hrs (or even 6), there is nothing more serene to me than that first morning dawning.
As God paints His masterpieces upon a new, clean slate.
As the crisp, cool air refreshes and grants sanctuary for a few moments before the theremostat begins its climb.
When you know that yesterday has passed and you have another chance today.
A time of morning when the sound of your kids reminds you how blessed your life is and reminds you that God's plans await.
The clouds are trimmed in a glow from an awaking sun thats beauty makes you simply bask in it for a moment.

This is my favorite part of my day.
When I feel His Holy Presense.
When my prayers are praise rather than pleads.

 My kids will argue soon.
Milk is going to need wiped up off my floor.
Time-outs to be had, dishes to be done.
Slamming doors and bills to pay.
  And yet right now my perspective is just right.
  Because admist all these things I have a new day ahead.
To love my kids through the dicipline.
To listen to Monkey 3's calls to come to a puppet show he created out of my CD paper covers.
To give Monkey 1 his ibprofen to fend off the pain from newly placed stitches.
To see the assortment and crazy combinations of clothing dear Monkey 2 will come up with today.
To hear Monkey 4's ever increasing vocabulary surprise himself proudly as he says a new word.

These are beginnings.

How blessed am I that I get to do it again today??

God Bless, 

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