Saturday, August 21, 2010

Have I Totally Lost It??

In all fairness I probably never had it to begin with.


I am truly considering making a big ol' wall stencil thingy for my bedroom wall.

Here's where I get a little obsessive.

A quote from Anne of Green Gables.
Not sure which one yet, there are oh so many to choose from.
Like"Carrots??!!  How dare you call me carrots!"


" I'd much rather be pretty than smart."

Okay okay I'm kidding!

I was thinking one of the more romantic sappy lines of course.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with my obsession, Anne of Green Gables has been my favorite movie /book since the 4th grade when the Disney channel had a teaser 'free' week and they had an episode on (back in the day when you had to pay extra for the Disney channel) and I BEGGED my mother to make it my ONLY Christmas gift if she would just order the channel until the series completed.

She gave in because of my charm (my whining) and alas...another movie has never come as near to my heart as Anne and Gil.
The music, the scenery, the story, the costumes.

Fast forward too many years and thousands of hours spent with Anne.

I now want her words on my wall.

I plan on a master bedroom makeover when the hubby's gone hunting this year. 
It's gonna be a surprise for him.
Okay for me.
But not the surprise part cause I obviously know what I'm doing.

Well NO, I actually don't know what I'm doing half the time.

I digress.

 Because let's face it, that's the time I get to do what I want to the house without his approval.

It should be called "honey shoots deer while Mandy makes large purchases and gets paint everywhere" Season.

Oh yes, and I also made-over my pantry (aka, tiny little food cupboard)
Because with 4 kids, 4 cats and a thousand loads of laundry a house in the middle of 10 projects , I totally have the time to paint the one tiny area no one else will ever see.

I'll be sharing pictures soon.

Are you so excited??
Ya, I thought not.

God Bless,


Sara said...

Sounds like a great hunting season project to me. And I also LOVE AOGG! I really want to go to Prince Edward Island someday. I hope you find just the right quote, maybe something along the lines of "kindred spirits" would work well.

Sarah, Brad, Owen and Claire said...

Uber excited to see what comes of "honey shoots deer while Mandy makes large purchases and gets paint everywhere" Season. I used to look forward to hunting season for a little "me" time, lately I've been dreading it (no more "me" time). You have just given me a reason to start loving it agian. Great idea!

P.S - Also love Anne. Sometimes they have marathons on OPB!

connie said...

It all sounds so good to me. Between the house the kids the cats the hubby,the food and the laundry, you gotta make hay when you can sunshine or not. Hope you get it done and it lifts your spirits and your heart..... and that will please him because that's who he is.


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