Saturday, April 17, 2010

Where are the people?

This kid...
the one right here?

He's always said the darn cutest things.

@ 2 he says:"Do i got batteries that make me work?"

@ 3 : we had contact paper in our kitchen cabinets with geese on it.  He pulls it and realizes  it sticks and says (in an epiphany type voice)""OH! So this is duck tape!"

@ 4:  " I finally figured out pork chops!"

@5: "Why do they call an alarm clock going off if it actually is going on?"

@ 6:  "I really want a bikini"  uh...
aka- zuchini

@7: " pink camo is not camo because it doesn't camoflauge a darn thing"

TODAY @ 8:

"here is the church, here is the steeple,
open it up...
 (realizes he did it wrong and his fingers aren't where they should be)...

Oh, it must be Friday!"  :)

God Bless,

momism:  if you have ever been so tired that brushing teeth or peeing before bed when you have to go is optional, you are a mother:)

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friendsforever said...

These made me laugh. So glad you have these clever revelations written down.

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