Tuesday, February 15, 2011

a whole lota random...

if you haven't noticed, there is no new menu up in the side bar for the week.
we've been sick and i haven't made it to the store.

but i did manage to make homemade chicken soup for the sickies
(this includes me)
and boy does homemade stock make the soup!

i call this:
therapy in a jar.

notice i didn't wipe off the smears?

cause that's how i do things around here.

i am super excited to get this book in the mail soon:
and am trying to reign myself in with the idea of having a garden this year!
we had one in the past, but it was my hubby's project.
i was busy being pregnant.
this time i'm in charge and i'm so excited!
also thrilled with all the new floral prints in fashion .
feminine.  love.
so tell me,
what have you been excited about?

God Bless,


Mrs. Stam said...

The book is the best ever, your gonna LOVE it!!!!

Teresa said...

I don't know....that jar o' chocolate mint love has me pretty excited. I didn't know they make mint! Thanks for the heads up!
Hope you feel better soon. Is homemade stock really that much better? I always hear it is, but I've never taken the plunge. Maybe I need to finally start believing the stock talk and make a batch.

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