Sunday, February 7, 2010


1. So I know I stink at this blogging thing.  I'll try to do better.  No really.  It comes right after finding time to sleep and shower.  THEN I can find the time to do this.   But I do want to update once a steps...

2. I have been working out, watching what I eat, really honest to goodness trying.  Guess how much weight I've lost already.  Drumroll please....
2lbs.  Nope not kidding.  The scale has consitistently 2 lbs. lower.  After an entire month and week of working hard.  I'm not about to give up though, I have to loose it by my 10 yr anniversary in Aug.  That's the goal!!

3.  Our poor lil kitty was really sick when I woke up yesterday.  Lethargic, dizzy, pretty much a mess.  Today when I woke up she was dead on the bathroom floor.  We had just had her fixed 2 weeks ago and from what I've read online we're assuming she died of accute kidney failure as a post reaction to the anesthesia.  I woke Monkey 1 up to tell him first, knowing he'd take it the hardest,  then told the other monkeys all together.   I'm not a big animal lover, but made me so sad to see my babies sad.  Poor lil Violet.  She'll be missed.

4. # 1:  Had a tree planting field trip last week I got to chaperone.    A wii addict.  Loving the choose your own adventure books (they just released some for younger kids).  Won't stop antagonizing Monkey #3.  Signed up for Minors Baseball.  Still has the cutest freckles you ever did see...and loves mom pointing it out constantly:).

Monkey #2: Lost another tooth,  and this is always followed by a pack of gum bought with the tooth fairy $.  The pack of gum is gone by the next day . every. single. time.
Having some problems with a girl @ school being mean, makes my heart sad.  Becoming quite the little artist.

Monkey #3:  Very first trip to the Library last week.  When he saw the flags he said, "look mom an American flag and a pirate flag." to which I said  " it's the Oregon flag." which he said " nuh -uh.  I know what a pirate flag is!" :)
And he remembers every dance move the backyardigans bust out. and every lyric they sing.

Monkey #4:  WILL NOT STOP NURSING!!!  He's seriously like a newborn, up every 2 hrs or so.  and he SCREAMS bloody murder which wakes the rest of the people in our house up.  So yes, then I give in and complain about it anyways.  Even lemon juice wasn't a deterent.  He takes his diaper off constantly.  He gives loves like crazy.  He makes silly faces constantly and thinks it's funny to act mad.

5.  Need a date with my husband.  Really need some time for just us.  I miss him...

God Bless,

anyone want some fish crackers?

momism:  you know you're a mom if you've ever had to explain what  ovaries are because you had to drag your kids to your gynocologist visit.

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