Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Get Away

No I'm not telling you to get away.
I'm not that mean.
well sometimes.
But not now.

No this post is about my first ever get away with the girls weekend.
I invited 2 sweetie gals, Keri and Sandi for a little trip.
We left on a Sat morn and drove up to Eugene for some good ol shopping.
I can't remember the last time I went shopping just for me with out kiddos attatched!!!

Then we headed over to beautiful Florence for a night of small town down shopping and good eatin'.
Oh the eatin'.
Florence is known for sand dunes.

So...what'd ya get when you put 3 over-worked-I'm-gonna-loose-it-if-I-don't-escape-these-little-blessings-please-God-just-for-a-night-mama's near sand dunes???

Let me show ya...

not tellin'

  Ya that's right.
We get rid of our kids and go act like em.

Considering sueing Fred Meyer cause those 'sand discs' are a load of poo.

I think they need to be waxed first.

And I guess I shouldn't sue em seems how we used the sand dunes right off the Freddy's parking lot.
Ya that's right, we're lazy.
No hiking out for us, a good old walk out the freddys parking lot and up that hill (inhale, exhale) was enough for us.

It was a great time of friendship and laughter and hope to make it a yearly tradition.  Anyone else want to join us??
Bet I can beat you down the dune:)!

God Bless,

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