Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Pantry...

Well okay, so it's not exactly a pantry.
More like a little food cupboard.
But it was bugging me.
Because it was ugly and I like pretty things.
Yes even food cupboards should be pretty!

This is before:

It needed spruced up, prettified and ORGANIZED.
I don't like my stuff thrown in haphazardly.
Call me weird but cereal should have a designated parking space.

This is after:

Much better right??
And you know what I realized after doing this?
I'm working on my dream to be a teacher in an old school house.
I have the chalkboard, and my kitchen island just happens to be an old school teachers desk we found on the side of the road for free!  I'll get a picture soon:)

All it took was some chalkboard paint on the exterior-$12.00
And a can of white inside - $ 4.00

Just please don't look to closely at the paint job.
I kinda get messy.
Like I had it in my hair and on my face!!
How is that even possible??
Leave it to me!

God Bless,

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