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My First Ever Controversial Post...

January is Sanctity for Human Life month,
and as the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade is upon us,
I'm going to bring up my feelings on the abortion issue.
Please don't shut the window.
Hear me out first.

I know this is a tense topic,
and I know many of you disagree with me,
but I'd like to share why I feel the way I do,
and why I am passionately Pro- Life.

Let's start with this, the is the foundation I stand on with this issue:
"For You created my inmost being; You knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Your works are wonderful, I know that full well. My frame was not hidden from You when I was made in the secret place. When I was woven together in the depths of the earth, Your eyes saw my unformed body. All the days ordained for me were written in Your book before one of them came to be "(Psalm 139:13-16).
Each of us was created for a purpose, by a God who Loves us and has a Plan for us.
Now I realize not all are believers so this might not be a basis for everyone.

I can hear all the arguments for abortion.
Let me address a few.

1.  It's not a baby, but a fetus.

I ask you to go this site and look at these pictures.
You probably won't.
but why not?
Don't be ignorant,
force yourself to look at them, if you believe these are not babies then it should not affect you either way.
***warning, this is graphic***

2. Not telling others what to do with their own bodies.

I can see this as a valid argument, especially for those without the opinion that this isn't a baby we're speaking of.
And I believe this root goes into so many other areas that it's hard to explain in a short answer.
First of all, I think prevention is key.
I think this goes into another debate of abstinence vs. 'safe' sex.
Yes, of course if you teach abstinence there will still be unplanned pregnancies.
But I strongly believe the # would decrease dramatically if we told our teenagers to WAIT.
If the media stops cheapening sex.
If our families stayed together.
If the church stood up and talked about sex.
For what it was created to be instead of shying away from the word.
Sex isn't dirty, but it is sacred.
not to be cheapened by the prostituting of our young men and women with the lie that as long as it feels good do it.
If you hand your teenager a candy bar,
telling them that it's not good for them, that they should eat the broccoli instead,
but that since you don't trust them to eat the broccoli, you'll provide the candy bar they would have had anyways...
what do you think they'd do?
Would they then put down the candy bar?
Heck No!
You just gave them your permission to do what was wrong.
Teach abstinence, and KNOWLEDGE.
Teach them that they were made for MORE ,
and that they don't have to settle for less.

the second part of this, is of course,
where's the babies choice?
They deserve LIFE.
There are families that will adopt, and this should be the alternative.

the third, an abortion is an invasive procedure, in which the woman isn't safe from effects either.
But unfortunately, this covered up and hushed up.

women considering an abortion should have all the facts in front of them,
what could go wrong, see an ultra sound, be provided with information crucial to making a serious health decision.
Planned Parenthood won't give this information.
I'm linking  audio from an ex-Planned Parenthood director:

and lastly, someone having sex should be prepared to deal with the consequences of their actions in a mature manner.
3.If we don't provide 'safe' abortions, women will be dying from back door abortions.

first off, it's a myth that there are 'safe abortions'.

let's go back to the teenager scenario.
sometimes teenagers experiment with drugs.
drugs are illegal, and yet they still are out there and kids still do them.
just like abortions would be if they became illegal.
should we then open up 'safe' drug houses?
a place in which teens (or anyone) could come, experiment with drugs in designated place where there are some boundaries in place that wouldn't otherwise be?
would that make it safer?
or would we suddenly be minimizing the effects that these drugs have?
would we basically be saying they're safe here but not out there.
would we be giving our stamp of approval, our blessing, on a 'safer' way to do something really stupid?
Yes, it would be sad to have women dying from coat hanger abortions in a back alley on occasion.
I think it's sadder still to make it the norm, okay, justified, to place a women on a sterile table and tell her you're okay as her baby is torn from her womb and placed in a garbage can.

4. How will these women support the baby?
Will they become a welfare burden?
very likely, yes, some of these women and children would end up in an already broke wel-fare system.
and i have to say this is an area in which i think the church needs to step up and help.
make adoptions easier.
provide means.
but once again, i think if there was the undisputed teaching of abstinence the battle would be 1/2 won already.
and if you couldn't pay your rent should we just kill you?
this goes into another argument, about the wel-fare system and all it's ails.
I'll get into it another day.
what's wrong with a society that believes money, things, power are more important than people?
5. when it comes to politics this is a ONE issue thing, there's more to holding office than an abortion stance.
I'll be honest, the # of Christians who say this astound me.
I heard James Dobson say once that if a candidate had all of their ducks in a row, if he 100 % agreed with everything the person said,
except one,
that the person believed in slavery,
 it would nullify every one of the thousand aspects they agreed on.
If a candidate doesn't believe that LIFE, in all forms, is precious.
If he or she doesn't believe in their core that each person has the basic right to LIVE.
Then how in the world could they defend the people in our country,
make decisions for people in our country,
serve the people in our country?
It goes back to their character.
If on that basic foundation they don't believe ALL life is precious,
from the grandmother in the hospital bed who is very ill,
to the 9 week old baby in a mother's womb,
then how are they going to make the right choices for us about how we live ? 
They aren't.
there's a lot more I could say, but you see how I feel.
When we make murder legal, when we stand by and accept it, saying it's not our right to give an opinion, we are silently giving our blessing.
I don't give mine.

Thanks for listening and God Bless,

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