Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Recipe...

how many of you have spent hours making bread from scratch?

my hand is raised.

After you try this you'll never slave again.

Beer Bread.

1 bottle warm beer.
(the only time alcohol is in my house!)
I set it near my fireplace on cold days, out in the sun on hot to get it warm.

1/3 cup sugar.

3 cups self-rising flour.

that's it.

Mix the ingredients,
if you have a cast iron pan USE IT!!!!
if you don't -GET ONE!!!
I promise you'll love it and use it for everything!
I use my 8 in.

But if you are going to ignore me on that, I suppose any regular round 8-10 inch pan could work.
I suppose.

Butter the dish, pour in mixture,
bake @ 375 for about 35 min or until top is browning.

Serve with butter, jam, whatever.

I often serve this with soup, or ribs, or , well, whenever I get a hankerin'.

God Bless,

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