Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Little Love...

Not too much.
i mean,
just a tad of romance...

                                                 a little monkey's work above, all by himself!

(is that crusty, rusty tray not the coolest thing ever? 
I got it at an antique store, the little old lady gave it to me for $2 because she didn't want to polish it!
polish it?
and loose that beautiful patina? 
No way!)

how are you spending V-Day?
my husband will be working a 16 hr shift :(.
And being romantic as I am,
I put together an album of his hunting photos as a gift   :  D!

God Bless,

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Dianna said...

Mandy, your little monkey did a great job on his Valentine! I love it. The rest of your "little bits" of Valentine Day decorations are so sweet. My favorite is the one with the tray, because I love that little blue/green jar in the middle! I'm a collector of old jars and bottles. :-) I also just noticed today the button on your side bar as to why it is you blog! I love it! Want to know how I bribe myself to do the ironing? I have a DVD collection of the old Andy Griffith series and I watch that while I iron! lol

Just one more thing...I LOVE your idea for the Valentine Day gift for your hubby. That's what it's all about...doing what would please THEM! :-)

Have a wonderful weekend.

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