Thursday, February 24, 2011

what a day...

what a glorious day.
snow flurries between the sunshine.
cats away for 24 hours (hallelujah...would it be evil to just 'forget' they're there?).

first off, after dragging my two littles through the above mentioned snow flurries to 3 stores at 8 am for one purpose only...

i finally found this...


if you love junkin' it at at a fleas market, return your cans and  bottles if you have too.
just lovely.

and i went to an estate sale up the road.
in a drafty, faulty foundation, moldy, perfect old house.
i almost swooned at the half moon french doors between the rooms, the vaulted ceilings,
the cracked and peeling walls.
and i picked up a little vintage goodness while there.

then i came home and whipped up a little craftiness with some old hankies.
this is our dining room window,
which i've always left bare because privacy isn't really an issue in this room.
but L.O.V.E. it,
if i do say so myself.:

there will be homemade soup on the stove to simmer shortly. i'm blasting
as high as it can go.
avonlea is in my mailbox from netflix to watch with the big monkeys.

and i have a date with my two favorite men tonight on the couch in my jammies.
my husband and jimmy stewart.

now if only someone delivered chocolate...

God Bless,


Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Girl - you did GOOD! I'm swooning over that pretty canister...AND your vintage hankery! ;)

Also, thanks for the reminder on the mag. I think that's definitely splurge-worthy.

ElisabethCS said...

Yay for fun finds! Looks like you got some good ones! I'm looking for some old frames to make kitchen chalk boards.

Your night sounds lovely. Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend!

Anonymous said...

I have yet to take a peek at the mag. May just have to break down and purchase one! Love the hankie valance! :)
ps. thank you for visiting my blog and your kind words! I heart jammie date night with my guys too! xoxo

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