Tuesday, May 10, 2011

a good job...

total and complete randomness coming your way...

  • my daughter saw a hitch hiker last night.  she asked why he was telling us 'good job'
  • a movie i loved? 
the Last Legion.
yes, it's from years ago, but when i find a gem i like to pass it on.
i love movies from ancient Rome.
this had a unique twist.

  • i also loved :
and no, i'm not 15.
but i really did like it : D.
***always read reviews for yourself, to determine whether it's appropriate for your viewing***
i use plugged in online, you can find the link in my sidebar.

  • mother's day was not fantastic.  i think i'll leave it at that.
  • my goal was to loose 15 lbs before June 1st.
so far i've gained 3.

  • one of the biggest delights in my life is laying on a blanket, out in freshly mowed grass reading a book.
God Bless,

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