Tuesday, May 31, 2011


(what?  don't you play baseball in a pink sparkly dress?)

so my last posts have been...
"i'm gonna write something just to say , yes, i have blogged recently".

what can i say?
i've been 'spring' cleaning like a mad woman.
only it seems as though each time i turn around it's all undone again.
little savages!

and i had to laugh when i read in a homemaking article that wiping down cabinets and walls should be done once a year.
i do that every couple weeks and sadly,
i'm sure it still looks worse than the lady doing it once a year.


i'm up to my ears in homeschool materials.
which i was beyond excited to get and pour over.
and yet, when it got here,
i was ov-er-whelmed!

and then i got a call from the kids school.
she said she had heard i'd be homeschooling next year and needed a confirmation so they didn't place my kids for next year.
i had about a full second of panic before saying yes.
yes, i am planning on homeschooling my kids.

 the panic was very temporary.
and all i keep feeling is that YES,
i am doing it!
i made a good choice.
the right one.
i KNOW i did.

regardless of what people think,
i am excited to be home with my kids every.single.day.
they are BLESSINGS.
i'm learning to love dishes.
crayons on the wall.
toothpaste on the bathroom ceiling (oh yes, there is).
( i swear they are not being strangled.  it looks bad but it was funny)
i've also been reading.
i go through phases.
i won't read for a month, maybe a little more.
then i get the itch.
 and i scratch it until i've managed to devour 4,5,6 books in a matter of a couple weeks.
so i've read about 7 in the last 3 weeks.
i finally read
To Kill a Mockingbird!
and realized that, no, i had never read it in highschool.
i must have smooth talked through that one.
it was beautiful.
currently next to my bed is Sherlock Holmes.
eagerly anticipating the next movie!

(do you see honey's face in this?  cracks me up!  our daughter is brutal!)

so what have YOU been up to?

God Bless,


Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

I think it's natural to get a little panicky about homeschooling. I *still* feel that way from time to time. {Especially last month when we were preparing for Sierra's state testing!} You'll be fine, and yes, it *is* a blessing to be home with them all day.

I had to laugh about wiping everything down once a year. We clean/dust all of the trim, sills, cabinets, etc. each week {sometimes every two weeks}. When I mentioned this to my mom, she said "Oh, I think you're overdoing it." ;)

Anonymous said...

Planning on visiting you all. I love the pics. I use to play baseball in a dress a lot. Not a problem as long as you don't slide.
Send me the shirt sizes of the kids soon please. I can't believe you just got around to To Kill a Mockingbird. It is one of the all time greats and it should be a must read for all kids. I cry every time I watch the movie.
Love ya,
Aunt Sally

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