Monday, June 20, 2011

the horrible, no good, very bad blogger...

while i am off saving the world one diaper,
3 time outs at a time ya'll are just sitting there awaiting my posts arentcha?
i'm a bad blogger.
don't take it personal,
i'm bad at lots of things.
paying bills time.
actually 'doing' my hair.
moving laundry over from the wash to the dryer.
it's nothing personal.

moving on...

the heat has arrived.
most people don't realize how freaking HOT Southern Oregon can get.
and yes, freaking is most certainly a curse word in our humble home,
but i am getting old or something because i simply can NOT abide this heat.
it hasn't cracked 100 yet.
oh dear.
there are days montana sounds awfully tempting.
but i can't stand the snow either.
i know.
i'm impossible.
my poor husband.
(really though, he's even harder to please, thus increasing my awesomeness...right?)

so we sit here,
in our teeny tiny city lot that i'm very grateful for and yet curse,
because as the kids splash (each other-meanly) in their teeny tiny plastic pool,
i must wear a FREAKING bra because neighbors on all sides ring out their hidey hos
(name that tv show)
 and we all know that sitting in your own back yard pool side (yes, we'll call it that)
should be strictly braless territory.
and how miserable they are in the heat.
i was actually contemplating how even though i am opposed to skin cancer, and thus, tanning, that i would really like to be able to lay outside nude and get a tan going on to hide all sorts of white pastiness and stretch marks.
and as my nana says, tan fat's better than white fat people.
anyhoo, then i remembered that looking down in the shower is terrifying enough and even if i had my dream 20 acres out in the sticks i'd still never be so bold.
so i got over it.
and said my hidey-hos.
and put on my freaking bra.
and will complain about the heat until it comes time to complain about the cold.
(for the record, i NEVER complain about the rain.
i like it)
if you are actually still reading you should get some sort of award.
the end.

God Bless,

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MamaMonki said...

I completely feel you on the heat and bras. Ugh. I hate hate hate bras in the summer. But.... I can't abide being one of those people that mow the yard in their jammies - somedays it's so miserable I've given up tugged on my swimsuit and tried to make weeman share his teeny tiny pool with mama. (You know the plastic ones that are under $20 - yep that's what we have.)

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