Wednesday, September 28, 2011

the daily grind...

many have been curious as to the daily schedule around these here parts.
how we fit in all of school,
if we have a particular schedule, etc.

if you could care less,
i apologize in advance...

so here's the basic outline:

6 am:  i'm supposed to wake up.

6:30-7: i actually wake up.

i make coffee or tea,
and spend what's supposed to be at least a half hour in prayer and devotions
 (currently, the Jesus study with beth moore)

but then around 7:15 monkey 3 wakes up.

8 am: breakfast and chores

8:45: calendar/ memory work
(we just memorized the Lord's prayer)

9am: mon: art
tues, wed. and thurs. history
(the mystery of history)

10am: HELL for me.
um, that was supposed to say math.
ya, math.

11am: spelling and english,
(we have switched to rod and staff for both the olders, and working through teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons with #3)

noonish: lunch

1pm: mon & wed: science
tues & thurs:geography

we also have a monthly artist study and musician.
i don't make the kids learn about these people, we just (for now) get familiar with their works.

throughout these days there are many breaks, sometimes we get it all done in  2hrs.
some kids *cough, aiden, cough*, could stretch a 20 minute paper into 3 hours...

but all in all i am extremely surprised by how much we can get accomplished in such little time.


p.s. i have made my oldest monkey rewrite many assignments because of his lack of capitalization.  praise report for the day :
thank God he doesn't read my blog!


Kris Mays said...

Where is the like button?

Eunora said...

Nice job, mama! Sounds pretty smooth. =)

Kara said...

I seriously giggled out loud more than once reading this.

We are using Math U See and 100 easy lessons here too.

Today I reminded myself it is only K4 and the fact that she had to take a nap at 12:00 pm due to behavior would be okay and we could STILL get everything in this afternoon.

I don't have a routine/schedule down yet... and most days I am okay with that. TODAY, was not one of those days :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I had to look at my bio and see what I wrote. I am sure I could add a few movies :) glad to see your year is going well!

~ Kara

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