Monday, October 10, 2011

pop culture , a recipe and baby pictures...

none of which are related, in case that wasn't obvious...;)

so i had the privilege of taking my new niece's newborn photos recently and wanted to share.
that's what you'll see throughout this post.

what you will read however, is about my lack of pop culture awareness.

are you ready?...

i'm ashamed to say (because it sounds as if i should be?) that i'm still sort of unclear who steve jobs was.
i mean, i googled and figured out he was a computer creator.
that's about where my knowledge ends with him.

i also googled another pop culture thing that has slightly less relevance...

you see when i read (somewhere ?)  that Carmen Electra was marrying Rob Patterson,
i pictured edward from Twilght.

i thought to myself "as little as i know about these 2 souls walking around, that just seems a very odd couple."

ya, edward would be robert pattinson.

rob patterson is, apparently, some musician for Korn (i think, not looking back to make sure!), that by wikipedia standards looked much more like who i would picture carmen electra with.
(not that i care).

it was a sad waste of 5 minutes.

now, onto the recipe!
the reason i'm sharing this is because it is easy and a good Fall all in one dish!
corn bread pie:
first of all mix up your favorite cornbread recipe.
i use the Homesteader's Recipe found here .
set aside.

preheat oven 375.
get a cast iron pan (i use my 9 or 10 inch),
or, i suppose a square 9x9 pyrex would do.

cook hamburger or turkey burger (about 1/2 lb) in the cast iron skillet, drain off grease.
add in 2 cans of ranchero beans.
(i have put in my own cooked beans before, and it's okay, but not as good)
a cup of frozen corn or a can of drained corn.
and a can of diced green chilis.

pour corn bread mix over top.
cook at 375 until corn bread cooked through and browning on top.




Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

I. melt.
You took stunning pictures.
What a gift.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I LOVE these, now you have me really hooked homeschooler and photographer!

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