Wednesday, November 23, 2011

because life is good...

tis the season.
there  are moments when i am simply overwhelmed by how good and blessed my life truly is.

i am always thankful, but it seems sad that this overflowing awe only comes ever so often.

my gratitude is first and foremost always to the God who created it all.
i heard a pastor say once,
that if the only thing we were ever given was salvation...
no family,friends,outward blessings, that alone would be worth all our praise.

how much more should we be thankful for the many blessings we're surrounded by everyday.

i am thankful for the same things i'm sure everyone else is, but let us not make it seem trite by glazing over how truly wonderful each of these gifts are.

my Lord and Savior.

thankful for my husband.
a husband who loves, provides for, and is an amazing man.

thankful for my children.
kids that bless me with their individual personalities, each purposed for the glory of God .
treasuring each hug,  each funny word, even each 'teachable' moment that i am privileged to be present for. 

thankful for this homeschooling adventure that we're on.
the privilege of getting every day with them.

thankful for health.
so easy to overlook when you have it, and so scary when in doubt.  we've had 2 cancer scares with our kids, some issues with me, my husband's chronic illness.  moments of health are ones to be praised for!

thankful for good friends.
old  friends new.
women who bless me, laugh with me (occasionally at me;)) , pray for me, act stupid with me, share with me and put up with me!

thankful for a warm home, food on the table, beds to rest our heads.
and all the many luxuries that many before us, and around us don't have.

"Sometimes I would like to ask God why He allows poverty famine injustice in the world when He could do something about it...but I'm afraid He might ask me the same question."-anonymous

i hope you all have a beautiful thanksgiving day...

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Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

Beautiful! I too love that last quote and have it "pinned" as a reminder...

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