Sunday, January 8, 2012

Book List 2012 and a weekend movie rental....

oh sheesh.
once again i'm days lagging behind all the other more organized women.
my book list is *not* too ambitious, as i wanted to leave time for others that may pop up along the year.
these are just the ones i want to make sure i include!
and to be honest, for the first time ever in my life i have not been reading as obsessively.
gasp, i know.
i'm still in there, just buried in homeschooling lit.

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without further ado:

because it's one of my BF's favs i have yet to read!

been sitting on my shelf since it's release!

because Dumas is an exceptional writer

this has been on previous lists for years, and for some reason still haven't gotten to it!

cause i'm a sucker for early Brit historical lit.

cause of what i said up there ^^^^

and something by Maeve Binchy~
whichever i pick up first!

Captivating by Eldridge
another i've yet to pick up off my shelf.

and i would like to get around to reading the
Mitford series by JAn Karon
that so many people rave about.

Tinker,Tailor,Soldier,Spy by John Le Carre
because it looks intriguing and different.

a movie i rented that i need to share:

One Day

this movie was so sweet, redeeming and lovely.
never mind the fact that i am a severe sucker for a British accent...
i'm sure that had nothing to do with it. ;)
this movie was not entirely clean, pg-13,
(with brief  nudity, some swearing, a little blood, drinking.
but i believe the message of redemption, the emptiness of certain life styles, etc, balanced the yuckiness.)
it was a bittersweet love story, with beautiful, sweeping scope.
anne hathawaty was her usual delightful self, and the lead male actor, jim sturgess,  was wonderful.  i'll certainly be looking for more of him, as i've only seen one other of his films.

if you are renting a movie, especially if you like any foreign films (this is all in English, it just has that distinctly British filmaking flavor to it), be sure to see it!


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Parisienne Farmgirl said...

OK,... funny thing.
My little Julien is named after SARK!

Who names their kid after a bad guy!!!


WHen he is naughty someday we are going to say he is being "sarky"

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