Tuesday, May 15, 2012

being a mom to boys means...

that the slide will inevitably end up upside down or on it's side and used improperly.


that i will find random things all day...such as a cut hose with sewing pins sticking out of it, on the kitchen island.


that quiet will sometimes mean that you walk into a room and find a boy sitting on the table playing with pez dispensers {which were, curiously, put up very high?}.  because apparently the table is the only suitable place for pez play.


that the butterfly habitat is now home to an assortment of...bees.


that shoes are spread hither and yon.
no matter how much nagging they have been subjected to.


that cleaned out pockets will mean bullets, a carved soapstone, grass, a hair band {probably used for a rubberband}, and a football mouth guard will be placed on my hutch shelves.


that bar graphs are what the chalk is for.


all in a days work.
x three.
it means working from son up til son down for sure.
and i enjoy {most every}  minute of it.



Elizabeth said...

.....just wait till those three boys are teenagers! My husband is one of three boys and they all had dirt bikes, so imagine what those days were like for her.

H-Mama said...

this is sweet and scary all the same. i know nothing of raising boys. ;) it makes for good memories, right?

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