Tuesday, May 22, 2012

what i've learned in the first homeschooling year...

that's right, what i've learned!
forget the kids!-ha!

i have learned:
1. not all pencils are created equal.
ticonderoga are the best i've found.  and even then they break insanely.
i despise pencils.

{bangs are getting better...especially when hidden under a Third Day hat. thanks for caring;)}

2. i should have bought stock in printer ink.

3. if you happen to spend 25 bucks on a planner...
and you happen to fill out the entire school years worth of curriculum and plans...
and decide to change up your curriculum  2 weeks in to the school year...
don't write in ink.

4. when your 5 year old yells out , "hey they're Red Coats!" upon hearing a news story about the 'British', it may be time to move on from the Revolutionary War period...

5.waking up early, having some time in the am to prep, really does pay off.

6. that when your kid's fav. vocabulary word is "idiot", you may be failing your grade...

7. sometimes being able to recognize a rockwell or monet is better then knowing your times tables.
{oh be quiet, i'm making myself feel better!}

8. that giving myself grace on the days i don't feel well is okay.
no matter what other moms are doing.
whether that means late start, school in the afternoon, or on a sat. morn to catch up.

9. that i can be with my kids 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and still be sane
 {give or take a couple instances;)}

10.  that this has been a blessing,
 it's easier than i had thought,
and yes,
we will be homeschooling again next year!

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thetwistedruffle said...

oh this post was funny. especially the comment about the planner--that's just too funny!

sounds like you had a good year homeschooling. we're just finishing our 3rd year and i'm desperate to send my oldest back to school. it's been such a rough go with him and i feel like we both need a break. i just can't imagine a whole new year with him home....it sounds bad i know, but i just don't know if i can do it!!

Unknown said...

I absolutely love this post, Mandy! I identify with EVERYTHING you've said, and I couldn't have said it better myself!

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

I can relate! Yep, my planner is definitely all filled out in pencil ;) Too many changes to count, lol! I'm so glad you had a great first year. I have days where I question what the heck I am doing, but for the most part, I know it's what I'm called to do. Hugs!

Alicia said...

oh my heart is so happy for you!! i adore homeschooling...kids 24/7 and all. i love it!! i'm so happy you had a great year and will be coming back next year. well done, teacher lady :)

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