Tuesday, June 12, 2012

a week of rest...

we finished school last friday!
our first home school year is complete.
we are taking this whole week to just rest.
sleeping in.
letting go.

next week we will start a summer 'schedule'.
i use the term loosely because it will be darn relaxed,
but a schedule it shall be.
but i really needed a week of sleeping whenever i feel;).

our fun this first week off included a walk downtown with good friends to see the local bears that grace our streets in summer, and  phosphates at the local pharmacy
{they're 25 cents!}

hope your week is just as restful!


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thetwistedruffle said...

are you going to post about your summer schedule? i'd love to hear about it....i think i'm still going to make the kids do math/spelling through the summer! i'm sure they'll just loooovvvveee it!! he he he!

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