Monday, July 9, 2012

at the cabin...

we are very blessed that my husband's family has this little slice of heaven to escape to each year.
it's been in their family since the 1930s,
and it's a treasure.
this is a heavy picture post!

below is where i'm building our dream house.
i don't think the forest service will care, do you?

our swimming/fishing hole:

here fishy fishy:

reel 'em in!:
splashing fishy!:

he's so big! ha!:

melt my heart:

" mom, this is my Indian war hammer!"
uh, okay. did they have those?:

pretty girl:

fishing girl:


 my mom's a little overkill on the whole safety thing:


bully big brother:


i have a net and i'm gonna use it!

 we have a pretty sweet marriage contract.
i cook 362 days a year, and he picks up the cabin days.

i have to pee!:

i fish with a six shooter cuz i'm cool like that!:

ping-pong before breakfast...

luxury bathroom:



thetwistedruffle said...

it looks so awesome!! it looks like you guys sure had fun!

Sara said...

Love, Love, Love the Cabin! Can't wait to go again...probably will be hunting season before we get there.

MamaMonki said...

What a blessing! Looks like you all make some wonderful memories while you're there.

One plus One equals Six said...

Maybe this is off track, but her swimsuit is adorable. Where did you get it? The cabin looks amazing. What a treat!

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