Thursday, May 9, 2013

when seasons change...

I  have to admit it, this season is both refreshing and heartbreaking.
The djs on k-love this morning shared a clip about calliou.
and it struck me how long it's been since this home last aired an episode of that bald 4 year old.
last month I *may* have googled what it takes to have a reverse tubal.
{this month I have chosen sanity}
I carried, birthed and nursed babies for so long, that these last couple years have felt a little strange.
my baby is now  5!
If the pattern of the previous years had continued I'd have 2 more by now!
There are days i am thrilled.
The mornings when I haven't felt well, and have been able to say, " I'll be down in an hour.  Get your breakfast, do your chores and watch a show." have been heavenly. {though not often enough ;)}
The convos with friends at the park who every few seconds are interrupted with toddler chasing?
It's kind of nice to not sweat it.
us, me preggo with the last one...2007

But i do miss my babies being babies.
I miss that precious 1-3 year old stage, which is my absolute favorite.
I just wish I could rewind!
I know that our little family is blessed and complete, unless the Lord deems otherwise.
I just really miss calliou.


Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

Awww, this is me! I keep telling my husband that I don't know what I'm going to do when I don't have little tiny ones. I've spent so much time pregnant, nursing, and tending to littles, I won't know what to do with myself when I don't have that anymore :(

thetwistedruffle said...

look at how cute you guys are!!

i just found some old pics on the computer when my kids were little....yes, i do miss it terribly!!!

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